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I love, love, LOVE isekai. I sympathize with the MC... those poor unfinished brownies xD Can't wait for the finished product <3

I loved every second of the demo. I've always been a fan of the isekai genre and adored both the lore and the characters she meets in this new world. So far, Altair is just my type. Definitely not my idea of a saint lol <3 The MC's personality is also too funny, though I feel for her, especially at the end of the demo. Looking forward to this game's release, as well as all future writing endeavors. Thanks for all of your hard work! >_<

I absolutely adore everything about "A Tale of Crowns:" the background of the main character, as well as the world itself, is so different and vast with culture, the characters make me want to tease them all equally, and I love how each action seems to help define the main protagonist. I'm definitely looking forward to all future updates and narratives. Keep up the good work! ^_^

Ariel makes being good so hard; flirtatious characters are totally my weak point, especially since he's not really the playboy rockstar he pretends to be, but a sensitive, artistic soul <3 All of the characters are so multi-faceted and each faction is so interesting, as well as, the in-depth world-building. My favorite is the Church of Raziel because the demons (Valefar) seem more showy and drama queen-ish; yet, philosophical at the same time. I love how chaotic it can be and even they have their own rules/ lack of freedom which surprised me.

The only nitpick is the English translation at the very beginning; however, after that, the translation improves drastically and I am so immersed in the story.

Thank you all for your hard work creating this wonderful story. I am looking forward to all future updates and wish you well with your project! >_<

Hey, Ayael. Hope your grandfather recovers soon! I always worry about my own grandmother (she practically raised me) and is in her 70's; yet, she is on the lawnmower 24/7. Take your time focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing. That's the most important ^_^ You guys have made a lot of progress. 

The side characters look so adorable <3

I really liked this little gem of a visual novel; "Who Killed My Father" was very creative and plot twisty, especially once you finished all the characters' routes. Ellis ended up being my favorite even though he was an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . I just wanted to pinch his cheeks from cuteness overload <3 <3 <3 Thanks for all the hard work that went into this game and good luck on any future projects ^_^

Completely captivated by the story, art, diversity, characters, and world surrounding said characters. The MC hunter was everything I could want in a protagonist: daring, dangerous, a little bit vulnerable, and set on the task at hand even when that task seems so daunting. Finn and Ezra's polyamorous relationship was my favorite because they were just so attentive and too adorable with the MC. Even when in a seperate route I couldn't help playing matchmaker every single doggone time so that they at least would end up together <3 The monster end broke my heart, so many feels... I wanted to burst into the song, "Baby Come Back." (╥﹏╥) Power makes fools of us all *sigh.* Anyways, thank you for this outstandingly exceptional masterpiece. I'll definitely be cheering on all your future projects. Good luck! >_<

Wind was so infuriating, but that made him my favorite with his biting remarks and hotblooded passion. Tho Night's dangerous whirlwind romance came in very close second ^_^ Can't wait to check out the rest of your games; the world-building seems really fascinating!

Absolutely adored this game; there was a perfect balance between light and dark. It's funny, I always go for the flamboyant types in games and the quiz kept leading me to the lampir. Good ending first try. It was like it was fate, jk :P Ohmygosh, the mermaid route was soooo freakin' cute! I really felt similiar to the MC in wanting to pinch his cheeks >_<  Though my fave end would have to be the twins just because I felt like the MC actually became more comfortable in her own skin. All of the MC personalities for each route offered something different; yet, they were all still very relatable. After playing all three routes, the last scene with the MCIP really helped facilitate that omninous parting feeling. That part exceeded my expectations and was really well done. Thanks for creating such an enjoyable game! Wishing you luck on any future projects. I'll definitely be checking them out ^_^

Ooooh, haven't tried Tales of Crestoria yet O.O Berseria is soooo good/ dark; though my fave Tales game would have to be Xillia cuz Jude and Milla are freakin' adorable together <3 They have a breif cameo in Berseria too! You should check out Tales of Arise when you have time; it looks incredible and is coming out 2021. 

Haha, I probably need to take a page from your book and watch the game walkthroughs instead, the ultimate dilemma... Fun or work. Thanks for the update ^_^

Absolutely adored Akash and was completely smitten with Sirocco; the flirtatious playboy always manages to be my type. Kudos to his voice actor! I was blushing the whole way through and his comments in everyone else's routes were priceless <3 Besides my love of the characters: the graphics, music, plotline, and world-building were so wonderful. I hope you guys have some more projects in the works because I would definitely play 'em. Anyways (I'm rambling), good luck on any future projects and thanks for the hard work that went into this outstanding game ^_^

The entire demo I was laughing my face off; the MC kept finding herself in predicament after predicament.  There was never a dull moment with her extremely horrendous luck... Even so, as a recent college grad, I managed to really relate to her sarcastic wit, endless job searches, and also, being in the poor house.  I loved the paradox of choice term because it gave a name to what I felt all through college. Top favorite guy, so far, is Marcello (flashy, bolsterous, rich, just my type on paper). ^_^ All of the guys have such great personalities. Haha, that bartender Aslan- the sneak with his innocent smile, casually helping the MC out in Enix's route, definitely love his character tho :3  Thanks for all the hard work that went into making this adorably perfect game! Definitely looking forward to playing the finalized version >_<

Definitely intrigueing set-up with the mystery spires and horror-esque place Erika and company have found themselves in. I reallyadored August's character. Keep up the good work and can't wait for this game's release <3

Cute game, loved the bright, vivid graphics. Made me want a Demetrius, all about the headpats, food, and adorable-ness of a cooking cat <3 Those Demon books tho, "50 Shades of Humans" xD

Just dropping by to say I loved the demo. Since this game revolves around Maya making a deal to change her family's fate, I'm glad we get to spend some quality time with her family; it makes the emotions really click into place with how relatable she is. I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into all of your characters, not just the boys.

Speaking of the guys, Kah'lil is so fluffing adorable, makes ya wanna give him some headpats while Guntur and Arya are such interesting characters, making for a trio full of dynamics and shenanigans. I also really like Dio in contrast to the Goddess, he has a certain flare for the dramatic that's completely charming. Excited for the mysterious fourth love interest, though I think I can guess who it will be, maybe ;) Well... it's between two people.

I'm gonna stop rambling/ gushing now. Thanks again! Stay healthy and keep up the good work ^-^

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I played this game a while back ago and thought to revisit it for the feels <3

1. Reksa for the win; I usually go for the flirty type, but Reksa is so adorable to tease/ poke with all his growling. Made me all fluster-fied with his possessiveness and I loved it when he hid his embarrasment with his gruff exterior. >_< Second best, Rama cuz of his playful; yet, completely off-kilter nature. There was never a dull moment with him lol. His also happened to be the most emotional. Not to be outdone, Mitra happened to have the cutest route with the shyness, bear personality, and helpfulness despite what route you chose. On another note, Puspa was so adorable in Mas Mitra's route and the women flocking him while he had no idea how to deal with them, amusing. He's not necessarily "my type" compared to a combination of the other two though :P

2. I play otome games too often for my heart. Stupid heart palpitations! Some think me obsessed. Not true. I just love the squiggly feels I get when reading romance, makes me feel like soul mates exist somewhere far, far away xD I initially chose Nusantara mostly for the demi-humans (the shirtless guys on the cover helped, kidding). Plus, I have really always liked the "dropped into another world" storyline. My recent fave being all the new reincarnated into a villainess mangas/ anime. 

3.The best characterists of the game are how emotional some of the harder themes are such as death, war, rape, suicide etc.. It can be really hard to write those scenes and you managed to convey such potent emotions behind them. I'm a writer myself and as one I've found it hard to go dark without being overly dramatic and to balance/ write realistically certain emotions. The graphics looked really stunning, as well. As far as what I would like more of would be romance/ more courting/ passion, but I am a romance addict ^_^;

4. I've heard about Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle, so the demo is definitely on my play next list. Thank you for all your hard work and wishing you luck on all future endeavors, cheering you on :3

Easily in my top three fav. otome games. Call me infatuated, but I absolutely adore the lore of the game, the customization, graphics, storyline, love interests, everything . I'm gushing; it was that good, completely binged all the routes (dibs on Haron and Laceaga, flirty Casanovas and deadly, humorous elves are totally my type). 

Thanks for creating such an amazing game. I'm looking forward to any future projects you guys do, sending my support and cheering you on <3

All praise Divilethion... a truly  twisted tale with both dark humor and a max creepyness factor. Lynn's was definitely my favorite. Kudos and thanks for a great game :3

I absolutely adored the demo and can't wait for the finished product.: the graphics, plot, and characters left me wanting more. Seth is certifiably crazy and  Iris is badass.  Nearly had a heart attack at that cliffhanger.  Keep up the good work! <3

I'm really excited for this game; the personalization, choices, setting, etc. reeled me in <3 From start to finish, the world of "Anoldor" immersed me in its captivating experience and I can't wait for the finished product. Already got my eye on a particular love interest ;) Keep up the good work!

Fluttering heart palpitations, that was good! >_< Definitely fell in love with a flirty Paris; he's my guy, especially that voice acting, but everyone else was so fun, as well. It was like I was a part of the gang. Besides Dragon Age, this was the first otome I played where there are different background options for your character which really kept me enganged and I spent waaaay too much time on the custimization. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for any future projects you guys have in store. I know it will be just as great or even more so as this one <3

Saw this the other day and  that "Oathbreaker" was by the same creators of Ascension; played the whole game twice in one sitting.  Loved every minute of it; family members can attest to me being a giggling, raving mess! Think I may have a penchant for elves, especially dark, dangerous, flirty ones >_<  Keep up the good work! Can not wait for the season 2 and know it will be just as or even more so amazing than this season.  <3 

Your game sounded too exciting to pass up (being an avid fan of all the games mentioned above). I thought, "Hey, I'm just gonna check this out real quick," and then ended up not being able to quit, even after some of the crashing issues. Both story, special effects, and graphics were interesting, but what caught my attention the most was the well-drawn out, extremely likable characters that make up this game. Everyone was so strikingly different from each other and I do declare I have my eyes on a certain flirty elf <3 Can't wait for the final product to commence!