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Sorry that you feel that way. The price might also be a bit low, as we're a team of 7 working almost full time for two years, and we all would like to keep having to work on this game instead of serving tables or being in call centers, but we have bills and rent to pay. This is a quite big project, and not your average "I'm bored, so might as well do an endless runner with a buddy over the weekend". We have (and still are) invested a lot in this project, but we need help to bring it to the level it deserves 

I really enjoyed the demo, I was planing on buying it just was wondering what your reasoning was! It seems like a great game that has a lot of potential!

Many thanks! Hope I answered your question, tried to be as truthful as possible. If still in doubt, did you check some let's play of the full game? 

Thanks for the open and truthful answer - makes you quite sympatic - Chapeau!

Transparency is one of the pillars I stand for :)