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What about some Friday Facts on Saturday?  :-)

While on this page. 

Why can't one click and download the newest patch announced right away?

Excellently quoted - lyric at its finest :-)

Thank you - I overlooked that. 

My fault.

Pls add version numbers to your downloads - otherwise one can get mixed up when trying to find the latest update.

Good to hear that you investigate alternative routes. 

I would for commercial reasons evaluate if a direct download (from your own website, cutting out the middle man) like factorio does would not be more profitable - by the same time binding the developer and user more tightly together. 

Anyhow - I would also try to brush up your Forum as this seems to be little visited as its a little rusty in approach- besides_ I get lost by different names given using RoI and Project Automata on different websites for the same product - you MUST stay with only one for corporate identity  reasons - - my 2 cents.

Steam is a pain (for many) so GOG (good old game) would be a decent alternative. 

GOG is offering for all games it hosts: 

- free Steam code

- DRM free download

- auto update (if supported by the app)

- no additional software intermediary needed

- honest payment options

ok. Thanks. Good enough. 

KoS is a incredible pr for your game - nobody can resist or escape her recommendation thought. 😀

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Having to use a non Mac certificated app only in order to run the game is a bad idea in first place  - for many Mac users which destain non Mac store games in first place. That's the reason why Steam is not famous for Mac user.  If they buy offside the Mac store your game (as I do) the despise additional apps just to to be able to run the game

- my 2 cents - an I'm an Apple user since 1984 

Do you plan a Friday Fact (FF) like the Factorio designers do?

Thanks for the open and truthful answer - makes you quite sympatic - Chapeau!

is there a auto updater function if I buy the game from your website?

Is porting the game to iOS in the pipeline?