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I love it so much! This was a lot of fun, great take on the theme and just pure fun. My best time is 52.59, might try and improve it. Congratulations, amazing job!

Needs a restart button for us speedrunners.


Can't get under 45:02. I am pretty sure I can do something about the last water part by failing on purpose in order to get a better tempo.

Timer needs to start on first step, not on load. There's a small bug, sometimes when one fails on moving platforms over water, those platforms stop moving. If it happens on the edge where there's no room for my huge foot, game is in an unwinnable state.

This is so fun OMG!


Thanks, Bobbi! My best time is somewhere around 34-35ish I think? So there's the dev time if you wanna try beating it!

And oh, I thought I fixed that bug with the moving platforms. Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on fixing that.