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Thank -you-, and thanks for playing! :D

Thank ya for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

This was actually originally going to be a tiny open world, but I was running out of time near the end. Maybe I'll revisit that idea for Bird Photography 2!

Hey, I'm your giftee! Thanks so much for making this! I got to the end with 76 acorns. :)

The letter and the ending are so sweet! I hope you have a great holidays too!

This is such a cool little world to wander around in. Really interesting sights and I really liked talking to all the creatures from the relics. Great job! :D

Hey this is really cool!!

Hey! Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much! I didn't think this'd actually rank 1st so I was super flattered!

Thanks! I debated if I should keep the feet from being able to go over each other, but it's probably better this way :p

Thank you so much! My best time is probably around 31-32ish, somewhere around that area

Thank you!

Thanks, Bobbi! My best time is somewhere around 34-35ish I think? So there's the dev time if you wanna try beating it!

And oh, I thought I fixed that bug with the moving platforms. Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on fixing that.

Thank you! I'm glad you had a lot of fun with it :D

Thank you so much!

Thanks! Really glad I could capture that frantic energy in this one :)


Geez, this is really flattering! Thank you so much! :)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the music was kinda the second best choice, I really wanted to use "The Schemer" from the Shovel Knight soundtrack, but I wasn't sure if I could.

very accurate drunk simulation

Very fun, great job!

Thanks! Thanks for playing!

No problem!

oh! after you pick up the sword, you go right out of the treasure room into the hydra's room, to face the beast themselves!

Really great job on this one! :)

Glad you liked it :) Thanks for playing it!

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thank you! <3

I have been thinking about joining a Godot Wild Jam one of these days...

Hey, I really like this one!

Thanks! It was originally a lot more dry and encyclopedic but it seemed kinda lackluster that way.

Thanks Bobbi <3

Thank you for playing it! :D

Thanks! And thank you for playing. :)

Based on what you said, I think the only ending you're missing is the one you get when you just completely ignore the Great Forest King and go to the right without talking to him.

Thanks for the kind words, Jupiter! :) And thanks so much for including my little game in your video!

Thank you so much! :)

Really adorable. Playing this really lifted my spirits. Thank you!

Great little game, I like the hints at what's really going on. It's a cool slice of something you usually don't get to see in a situation like a heist: people waiting for other people to show up.