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Hi, @helloar14! I'm interested to use your software to create character portraits for my games. But, I have some doubts, if you can help me, I'd be very glad:

1. I didn't understand its license. What can I do with it? Can I use portraits generated in my (free or commercial) games? Should I attribute/mention you/your software created those graphics? Are Steam and licenses identical?

2. What kind of expressions (joy, fear, angry, etc.) can it create?

3. Currently, how many variations (male/female/mob, hair, etc.) can it create?

4. If you have an e-mail address, I'd like to ask other things too.  :-)

Hello! Thank you very much for your interest. To answer your questions:

1:  You can use any of the export output generated by the app for any of your projects, either personal or commercial. You don't have to credit us for it. Right now there's no specific sentences in the EULA that stated this, but there's no sentences that is saying against it either. We'll add more specifics in the future to the license but the general rule is something like what previously stated.

2 & 3: Actually, there's too much to count; you can try the free version of the app to find out yourself! You can find the download link in the store page, or if you're using the desktop app you can install the option marked as 'Demo'. The functionality that is reserved for the paid version also shows up in the free version, with clear 'Pro' markings on them.

4: You can contact us via other means such as our Twitter DMs or e-mail us at hello[at]

Thank you very much!