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Hi, @helloar14! I'm interested to use your software to create character portraits for my games. But, I have some doubts, if you can help me, I'd be very glad:

1. I didn't understand its license. What can I do with it? Can I use portraits generated in my (free or commercial) games? Should I attribute/mention you/your software created those graphics? Are Steam and licenses identical?

2. What kind of expressions (joy, fear, angry, etc.) can it create?

3. Currently, how many variations (male/female/mob, hair, etc.) can it create?

4. If you have an e-mail address, I'd like to ask other things too.  :-)

Thanks. We intend to improve truck movement (but I like its drifting :) ).

Thanks. We (another member has participated too) intend to work more in this game, improving it, and your suggestion will be very useful!