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The ending was nice. I felt like the text in the game was deliberately made to make me forget the events that happened. It really worked. I like faster text but if that was the intention, I say keep it! 

Some pauses in the dialogue like on commas and periods could make the text dialogues more interesting. Sfx, screen shakes and maybe different sprite animations to show the mood better. Just some suggestions at the top of my head. Of course, I'm not expecting your game to have this but would be nice addition for a post jam. But I have to say, the game as it is now already swell! good job! I really enjoyed the calming music btw


The noise injection was definitely our intention! I agree that the text could be a bit faster though.
Glad you stuck with the game until the end, it has a nice payoff :)

Thanks for the valuable feedback. More expressiveness in the animations and dialog text would cool to explore post jam.