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Glad you like it!

About your point about the contradicting stories, I’d say my take on it (death of the author and whatnot) is that your stories are SUPPOSED to contradict because memory and history is funky like that.

What is truth? What isn’t truth?! In the times I’ve ran it there was a certain satisfaction in how the players negotiated their contradicting memories and feelings - just like how real memories and feeling contradict.

Mayhaps I should make an update


I really like the contradiction element. This might be a reader error, but I just didn't feel like the doc supported it. It felt like the push was for the stories to synch up and make sense, not for players to really lean into looking at the contradictions between stories.

It's still a cool game either way.

A little bit of guidance on how to contradict stories a little (agree on some basic details first, then individually come up with differences) might help, but I don't think it's required to play.