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Things I liked:

- The crunchy sound effects.

- The pseudo lock-on feature when I was aiming. Whether or not it was inadvertent, it helped a lot with the aiming.

- The destructible environments!!

I guess you would call this game an on-rails, top-down 2D shooter? I think a concept like this would improve with *some* control over the path of the tank. Maybe not directly by pushing left or right, but maybe your path could be determined by the number of enemies you killed, or if you destroyed certain elements of the set (in some ways like Star Fox), or even being able to choose the driving pattern of the tank (evasive, gung-ho aggressive, diagonals, etc.). But it's a game jam, so I know you were crunched on scope!

Anyway, by virtue of the fact I'm spit-balling these ideas means your game sparked my imagination! I sense a lot of potential! Thanks for the game, I enjoyed myself.