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Was an interesting game and fun to experience. RIght off the bat, I absolutely love the fine details you've put in this game. Not many devs do that and you doing so makes this small game really fun to play and also makes the player want to explore the world you've created. The multiple easy meals in the fridge, the small things you can interact with like te sponge and the toilet (Never thought I would be talking about a toilet in a review *thinking emoji*) those things really were well made and was fun to find and interact with even if they didn't change the game play and story.  

One thing I really really loved was the red dude standing in the bathroom mirror but doesn't show up when you look back; it genuinely freaked me out the first time I saw him because I was so confused and really scared because it was out of thin air and completely random. 

And that would be my suggestion; add more creepy parts like that around. Things that seem off or more random scary standing people who the player can see from the corner of their eye from time to time.

But yeah, other than that, it was a well made game. even loved the posters and the unique lines for each of them. Even all the lights were interactable and the cupboards! All of this shows that you went through everything in the game and out a ton of effort in the finest of details, which is really amazing to see and the quality and experience speaks for itself there. 

Enjoyed it thoroughly, and good luck for the future! Take care and keep up the great work! 

Hey thanks so much for playing! Fun fact: 'Bloody Man' is standing there the whole time you just can't see him until you get to the mirror ;) And I really do appreciate the feedback, I've been working on the demo for quite some time. 

That is super creepy and awesome! Were you inspired by any horror story/ SCP/ Creepypasta or something similar? And that small details just goes to show that you put a tonne of effort, and makes the game that much more amazing!

No not really sorry. It's all inspiration from my own nightmares. Some people say it reminds them of Silent Hill : The Room, and I've even had a few think about Coraline. I've never played Silent Hill : The Room, and my nightmares started way before Coraline was out. 

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Oh no! Don't be sorry! And it's a pretty cool thing what you've done; taken your own nightmares and made it into a game. It's been a while since I've watched Coraline and never played Silent Hill so for me the Bloody Man is a unique concept and even after having played the game; is still one of my favourite spooks from any game so far. And hopefully things are better now, and you don't get them as often, and hopefully you're doing great too! ^-^

I'm in a much better place than I was. Most of the inspiration from the game, happened a long time ago.  Sorry it took so long to reply. Me and my husband both manage the page so, sometimes things gets overlooked.