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Was immensely confused at the end, but the foreshadowing that was done at the beginning though it was subtle was done well. The aesthetic and feeling of the game was really well done too because of the simple graphics and the dark being actually thick and enveloping! Great little horror game!

This was pure fun and just more fun. The game is simple and  self explanatory, and yet is so fun even if one redoes the level multiple times; the RNG of the fire keeps everything fresh. Though my one and only suggestion would be to make the fire go a bit faster or maybe add a speed button as it can sometimes take a while for everything to finish burning/ catching on fire. But yeah, great small game which was laods of fun to play and burn stuff!

Kept seeing this game as I scrolled through the site, so I thought I would give this a try and it was... Quite interesting. The story, I actually enjoyed as it was sinister and there was a lot of dark things going in the background, the ending fit in perfectly with the start and completed the circle. 

Gameplay wise, it was sort of frustrating? Not because the game was hard, but it kept resetting the level for some reason and it felt really random. Or I might have just done something wrong, not sure. But it was pretty easy enough and the boss was pretty cool!

Fun little game with a pretty interesting story!

Everyone here's described the game to be great, and it truly is! The visuals and the sounds are excellent and it story tells to the player in such a nice way! You even managed to foreshadow so much without doing a lot and this is one of those games where so much is packed in a little while and done so well at the same time!

Really liked the game! So much happens in it and it's well done too! Nothing's shown, but the sounds do all the work and leaving things to the players' mind was a good idea as it adds just that much more depth to the whole game. The little creature that the player controls was also really cute and even the controlled controls went so well with the rest of the game! Really great short game with so much packed into it and tells the story in a really good way.

This was actually an interesting game; the sounds were pretty good and i liked the shading. I broke the game and managed to go outside the house and the work you put in to make the town is really shown! Was pretty cool and well done even if it was small!

Was super intriguing! A lot more thought out than I was expecting and love how the game just throws the player right into things without any explanations. That makes it a lot more creepier and mysterious than before.

I forgot to record it, but I got the other ending with the kid's evil doppelganger and it really was creepy and told the story in a really good way. It was also a great twist on the 'I Heard It Too' story.


Was sceptical at first, but it was a pretty neat game! There were three endings (that I found) and the premise was pretty neatly done. Everything was super simple yet well crafted, there were only a few things to interact with, which made the main focus which was the dark corridor that much interesting. Pretty fun game to play!

This was a super adorable game and the story was perfect! It really looked great and suited the theme and music that also went perfectly together with the rest of the game!

The different personalities of the ants added a great depth to the characters and livened things up a lot. The little challenged in between were fun and just hard enough to make it challenging. The ending was super adorable and well made!

Great little game and a fun play!

This was really a nice little programme! It was super relaxing and simple, yet I noticed that a lot of things could be RNGd in it so there could be hundreds of different and unique meadows generated! Only thing I would have preferred was maybe a little menu or UI to change the meadow rather than the huge circle as the sound and visual from the circle in the meadow itself could obstruct the sounds and visuals of the meadow, but that's just my personal preference but a pretty unique way of going to the next meadow! Great little generator you've made; it was pretty breathtaking!

This was such a very well made game! It really felt like an anime at the end with the game sliding into it so well. The music was so on point; it really made the environment outside very lively and also the end part really come alive and bring the player into the situation. Even the graphics was pretty yet mysterious and fantastical at the same time; it was all just really well though through and well done!

This was a really adorable and really sweet visual novel. It was super wholesome at the end and the charm of each character you created really shone through! The little achievements also made the game replayable as the game gave players options and the art was perfect; it matched the tone and feeling of the game and was super adorable!

Overall, it was just a super nice game and really fun to play!

(P.S: Sorry for the jumpscare.)

This was a really beautiful game; not the stuff in it of course. But the way you've portrayed everything was. Even brought me back to my high school memories. I hope anyone reading this is having a good day and should know that you're worth it and are special, even if you cannot see it, there will be others who can. 

The game itself was great, loved every minute of it and the whole camera system was pretty neat. The words that haunted the character and the school was well done and showed that even if you're behind walls, they can stick through them and get to you. Even more so, it showed that words have a lot of power and can be the difference in someone's life.

I think I missed stuff in the library, but the build up to the end was well done and was raw and full of emotional though everything was minimilastic.

Really loved the game, and hope you're doing well dev(s)! All the emotions, feeling, hard work and everything else that was put into the game can really be felt!

This game looked phenomenal; the graphics was just on point. It looked clear, crisp and the aspect ratio really made things seem different and unnatural and really added to the overall atmosphere. (Video down below if anyone wants to watch!!)

The blur when you hold something seemed a tad bit overdone (that's personal opinion though) but it looked really cool and was unnerving as the player couldn't see much else. And the blur just in general looked really awesome because of the crisp graphics!

The whole theme was great and the thought provoking questions really tied in well with it. The atmosphere was made really scary because everything was so simplistic and there weren't actually many places for anything scary to hide and hence it was pretty creepy as the player would have to think and expect the inevitable might happen.

The little tunnel really did well to amp up the creep factor as it was dark and hence the total opposite to the whole room which was lit up. The unknown-ness really exuded from the tunnel and made the room itself seem creepier and scarier than it was.

The cookies were a great add by the way; so simple and seemingly random that it was spooky yet added to the small relaxing moments to the player.

Speaking of relax; the parts where music played or the player had to do seemingly normal activities like running around was well done! It made things seem strange and also subtly added to the unnerving questions asked earlier by the voice.

The biggest 'flaws' I would say would be two things. One would be the long 'cutscenes,' they were really long and were long enough that it disconnects the player to the game itself. Sure they were creepy and thought provoking and made players wonder what was happening, but they were so long that those thoughts pass away after it takes two minutes or more for something to happen in them at all.

The second thing would be the jumpscare that happens with the 'monkey.' Though before I say anything, the super subtle stuff that happens if you turn up the volume was really, really well done; how the voice is telling the monkey to do things. It was a great addition. But coming to my point; the 'jump scare' is definitely changes things up by making the room's colour different and sudden loud music plays when there wasn't before, but it didn't feel scary as much as it could have been. As the game plays with visuals and subtlety a lot; maybe making the room dark and the monkey hard to see while having a subtle scary music might have been better? Or maybe making the jumpscare more subtle might also have worked.

Again, everything above can be subject to opinion, but I do want to say that everything that's been done looks and feels great and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game! It was fantastic!

But overall, this was a great game that was made! It's a hidden gem and would love to see the whole game whenever it's made! There's so much that can be done here and it's done so well too!

The story, the graphics were all a ten in my book. Chef's kisses to everything. Was amazing. (Also help, what was happening, I am terribly confused..)

Joking aside, the game was super simple and pretty fun to play! The ending was... Interesting and I was confused by it first but I think that, that was the method by which Jorkmon was testing his patients? Overall, short but fun.

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This game was beautiful and told its story really well. The messages were well written and felt like something someone would actually type and mixed with the environment; which looks fabulous, was really fun to experience. (Video below if anyone wants to watch!)

The colours of the game and sespecially the sun rays looked really good and set the tone for everything pretty well! The way it goes from evening to night was also a good transition as it went together with the mood and tone of the story.

Was a great game to play, and was super nice to experience and take in the story!

This game looked and felt fantastic! The aspect ratio is what I felt really sold the player on the ambience and the creepy house! The static, the shading, the lights looked really good and the minimalistic map was also well done as it the main focus f the game were the two accessible rooms. 

The only thing that I thought broke the immersion was the thing where the camera wet to static and there was a time skip. It seemed really random and initially I was very confused as to what to do. 

Other than that, it was a really well made game with an amazing atmosphere!

This game was great! It was silly, yet realistic, sad and also thought provoking! The choices that one could pick and then the resulting consequences of those were really fun and pretty realistic. (Gameplay below if anyone's interested!)

The game was super colourful and the little blobs that represented everything were really entertaining and super cute! The little texts that narrated everything was pretty fun too, and as things progressed, the consequences of choosing an action the player might have forgotten is shown and really goes to show how things can have long and lasting effects.

The music, I thought didn't really suit the game but that is just my opinion, it was still upbeat and didn't get too old towards the beginning and really helped amp up even the sad parts.

Last of all; the end was really great and was so different from the beginning where everything is still and takes time for the players to read. It really shows the impact of everything and can even make the player reflect on their own things! 

Overall, this was an amazing game which is really fun and has great replayability to see the multiple options of endings and consequences! 


Enjoyed this way more than I thought I would! It was fun, and did pretty well with the environment and the sounds combined! The spook at the end wasn't loud or anything (which is so different from other games (in a good way)) and you really did build it up to the end with all the things going wrong in the house! You took a basic thing that almost everyone might do and tried to make it into horror which wasn't half bad! 

Was simple, was fun and was amazing! The pups were absolutely adorable and the art style was so cute! The simple mechanic of the whole game with some extra depth really went well together as a whole and made this such a great game! This was... Paw-tastrophic. *badum tish*

It was massive fun and strangely addicting yet a pretty calm and smooth game! Swinging from block to block and slowly getting power-ups was really entertaining and I lost time just enjoying the game for so long. Goes to show that the simplest mechanics can make really fun games!

P.S; Still thinking about the 'kills,' and correlating the squares that you kill in the game to the theory in Portal as to the Heart Cubes being real people. *thinking emoji*

It was fun! I've always enjoyed text based choice games and this was a short yet entertaining story/ game! From a writer's perspective; it might have been interesting to add some backstory or context to why The Bush People was attacking the protagonist, but it was fun either way and the endings were funny (At least to me.)! Great little game and really cool to see what you did in an hour!

Was pretty fun for what it was! It was short, linear and the number on the ceiling was pretty creative thinking. Using the kids as the monster was definitely something I wasn't expecting, so overall it was pretty good and used very little to its best to make a good horror game!

(Just realised while editing that the kids talking was pretty suspicious; you did try to set the monster up to be more than just a human!)

I've always liked glitchy and mysterious game and this was really intriguing! For some reason my audio broke while recording it and I'm not sure if the laggy place was intentional, but it was really fun to see the AIs lines and how it changed every time you entered it (I think..)! Cool little game you made!

Was a beautifully made game; the little tip taps of the footsteps, the simple music notes in the background, the really well made art with just the colour red accentuated; these were all really beautiful and went together so well.

The highlight of the game being the conversation was also really sweet and super interesting and also very thought provoking. It was pretty natural and almost like the player was there itself. just wished I hadn't gotten to the end so soon..

Overall, this was a great game and fun to play!

Really love the old school text based adventure games and this one was fun to play! The sinister end was a great twist and the super simple (yet detailed) art styles without much sounds made it seem a little creepy. Was a pretty fun small game to play and well made!

Was a beautiful and sweet story and game! The art and music really went together and melded into the game to make it that much more engaging and enthralling. Was super fun to play and even had some deeper meanings to it (I think?)

Played this when I first started my channel out and it blew all of my expectations! It was incredibly well written and designed game! The visuals were grotesque, dark and showed the difference between the grim time now versus how it was when the grandmother was with her husband! The story was also pretty well done and encouraged exploration and clicking everything. The way things go from a zero to a hundred as the people are given their food was a big surprise yet... Fitting. Overall, a beautifully well made game and totally should not be free!


Was a super simple game yet the story delivery was really great! The clicking on the options made the next part that much more meaningful and dreadful. Pretty cool simple but short game!

Didn't get all the endings in the video, but was super fun to play and was a cool metaphor for life and everything. the art and animations were great and though it might be seen as random or weird, it was in the best kind of way! Was super cute, fun and great!

This was completely breath-taking. In every way possible. The sounds in this game and the graphics were just so amazing. The rays from all the light sources and then the trees breaking them into rays.. It was just a phenomenal experience. The piano notes (I think they were piano at least) and the soft rain white noise was just... So peaceful and added so much to the mood and vibe of the game. (Video below if anyone wants to watch!!)

The deep meaning and metaphors behind the carefully placed flowers, lanterns, the broken shack and the crying girl like looking rock was really impressive. Really, it was amazing to see what an impact of meaning you made with extremely minimal things. 

(I might have initially had the wrong idea for the meaning behind the bridge, but after editing my video, I more believe that it might be to do with a flood or sudden monsoon season that took the lives of people on the bridge as well as the people in the shack. And the symbolism of the crying girl can either be the multitude of people being sad at the same time, one person or Gaea herself. The red coloured water going to blue might indicate the deaths become a part of the nature around them? Or might just be hot water becoming cold (Or just me over looking into things again.))

Again, this game was simply and absolutely amazing and I am so glad I found it and played it! Great job on it; it was a stunning piece of work, loved the piano, the rain and the amazing look and feel of the game!

P.S; Sorry I broke your game.. I was looking for an end to it and went to places I shouldn't have..

I was absolutely terrified.. Mainly because you've done an absolutely amazing job at the environment and the ambience. The stillness of the empty sounds, the thick dark and shadows that enveloped and stuck to each corner of the rooms; they all really blended together into one great game! (Video below if anyone's interested in watching!)

The recreation of the Edith Finch house was great! Was really fun to go back into that house and reminisce all the stuff that happened in that game. Also really loved the horror and dark tones you've taken on the game! The art was lovely; the outside area really looked like a pleasant painting and the blur and grain of the inside made it seem so similar to the real game yet with a tinge of darkness and spookiness. 

The only caveat of this game which was the strength of your demo was that there was no indication of where to go and what to do. If there was, I'm super sorry that I missed it but I kept going in circles before randomly clicking on things and then finding the door upstairs that the player would have to go through first. The super darkness also didn't help as looking at the door was hard, but it did make things really spooky! The demo was really linear and just made the player go in circles as things happened which helped in not confusing anyone. So maybe adding some indicators to go upstairs or to a door in particular would be beneficial and also keep people intrigued so they might not get stuck? (Again, this could just be my thing, so ignore this completely as I can be very confused in games if it is.)

One other suggestion is maybe to add more spooks at the start of the game; there were more of them towards the end and hence I found the end a lot more immersive than the beginning where nothing happens until the player figures out which door to get to.

Other than that, the scares were really great, and you somehow managed to make both the ones at the end super spooky! Loved every minute of playing it and great job with taking a promising demo and making it such a spooky game! (The suggestions above are just my thoughts on the game, I mean no foul with any of it, I really did massively enjoy playing this game!) Good luck on the next one or with any updates you do!

Oh no worries at all! You've done your best with what you did and that's what matters. To be honest, I was just happy and expecting to going back to playing this game, and you completely delivered on that. If you do work on the game more, then take your time with it and do it at your own pace!

Game was simple but had so much personality! Greg was so sweet and really empathised with him. Was a super great and sweet game!

Was super fun to revisit the game! The whole HD quality and blur and everything was well done and it really felt like a new game but very similar as well! 

Just realised that you released the full game, will definitely play that! Game was pretty great!

By the way, did you recreate the Edith Finch house? It was a great reinterpretation of a horror Finch's house! It genuinely was pretty spooky and the transitions of each spook was super smooth and well done!

Can't wait to play the full game! (Just saw it, so sorry about that.)

Was a great way of story telling! The simple game really allowed for the story to be the important and main focus of the experience and it was pretty well done with a little amount of choices to see the different lines!

The environment and the smoothness of the game was really great! The setting; it was dark, had a spooky ambient corridors and rooms and the sounds in the background really helped enhance all of that together! 

The smoothness of the animations and transitions was really well done too! It was a super crisp feeling game and felt like it was all like a one take movie! 

That being said, you definitely could have added more scares and spooks along the way. You guys nailed the atmosphere, but nothing much happened to utilise the scary environment you guys made. Even simple spooks such as the girl peekig around the corner or something disappearing or having to turn aroudn to go another way, etc, would have sufficed to utilise the great scary you guys made!

The character you guys made was really great (I personally found him explaining things a little too much but I do get why you guys wrote it that way; so every player gets what they are experiencing so I understand and probably just my own preference there.) and even the whole overall story was pretty good! Well done on the story and world building stuff you guys did!

It's really unbelievable that you guys made this in the small time frame you guys had; it was really well done and there was so much to it! 

Honestly loved every minute of the game, the personalities of each person and how everything was connected was really well done! The animations were super smooth and one could see that a lot of work went into them! The smooth jazz in the background was very classy and really came into play during exploration and never made anything seem boring.

The only thing that I was confused on was using the 'hearing aid' horn of the old woman as a shaker. You did set it up from the beginning that she might have proper hearing, but figuring out that the player could pick it up was super random and then using that as a shaker also didn't seem to fit in with the logic of the game? Then again, that's just me. Other than that, the story and mystery was superb and very well done! The ending was great and just like the rest of the game, it had a great comedic tone and so much personality! 

The game was a smash to play and congrats on making such a well thought out, and fleshed out game!

Was a very environmentally stimulating game! The fog and the sounds really amped up the surrounds and the whole game. The sounds design choice was also good; you can here the shinigami dude walk up to the player, and the player has to dodge them by out-manoeuvring it. I think I broke my shinigami's AI and it didn't follow me after encountering it at the beginning.

The story and imagery that you've put into the game is done insanely well. How the stairs at the end seem like stairs that go up or down, and how the cities are inverted; makes it seem like one is real and the other one is the afterlife. Or one is death and the other is life. The story is pretty well explained in the last part where the player is in the room; there are simple objects that tell a very straightforward story (I think so at least), and it's really well done!

Even the puddles of blood that are left when the player is caught was pretty cool! So yeah, overall, it was a really fun game to play and a game that has so much thought and depth put into it!