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Go with the creepy man lit in red light they said. It will be fun they said.. I went on the train tracks instead!

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Was really well made! I loved the narrative, it was really well done and how the scares happen and just how neatly everything is shown visually as well as by the player doing things. Loved how things progressed and changed as the player did actions, and well, this was a really well made and great game, good job, truly!

Loved the concept and the game, it was really enjoyable and fun! I don't know why I was being so scared by everything, but it was such a well build and creepy environment! Well done and really awesome game!


Was expecting some spooky things to happen or show, but it was just a cosy talk time. Liked the short and sweet interactions and story, and it was well written!

Loved the new way of showing the characters in a photo format! Didn't expect that, was also really well written and was interesting to see how Adonis and Aeron went together in the universe you've created!

We got to have an Alien Mortuary Assistant game, would be so fun! Also, was not expecting the jump scare that was gotten, was well done! Loved the SCP vibes to the game!

INTRUDER! *whack*

I absolutely loved this game. It was short, simple, but SO effective and done really well. How you made the darkness actually terrifying with the blood only being shown in the dark, showing how it was being imagined by the kid, and the light slowly receding. Was so terrifying and good!

It was just done so well. Really great job on it and cannot wait to see more of your projects!

Really liked the game! I loved the post apocalyptic vibes to the game as well as the danger posed by the creatures. The time passing and having to hide was a cool little story and worldbuilding into the game as well!

The cannibal thing came out of nowhere and the previous resident of the place pinned up to the wall was a cool scare, but also led to nothing. These could have been done in better ways for the story.

Overall though, it was a fun and short experience and can't wait to see more as you do in the future! Good luck and good job!

This was a really fun and interesting way to show someone's psyche as well as their mindset and how they are going through their deteriorating mind. The strong visuals and sounds very pulled of well! 

The gameplay itself though didn't match that as much; the walking around back and forth could have really shown how the main character's mind was falling apart well, but nothing really happens as the player goes back and forth and sometimes it felt like things weren't triggering. Stuff could have been shown in the windows and things could have moved around more to show that there was actually something wrong happening. 

I liked how it was heavily alluded to that the character had a mental illness and that was the real reason for the disappearances, but that could have been shown better by alluding it throughout the walking parts of the game as it felt more like an abduction game than what it revealed at the end.

Other than that, I liked how the game was broken in parts and had a conversation in between; it added a lot to the story overall and was done pretty neatly! Good luck on future projects

Reason no. 54 why watching movies at home are better

I ended it like this.

Don't stop working, or tentacle-sama will pay a visit >.>

was I a good mother?

Really enjoyed the creature and the potential worldbuilding and story in the small environment of this game, I love your narration and story telling and loved this as well! Gave me fun ideas for my future DnD campaigns!


Really liked this! Game me Fears to Fathom vibes and it was well done! Loved the vibes and the story , it was a really fun and creepy experience! The only thing I would suggest for the story to be improved was the invasion of the cult to happen more gradually and showing that the land was special in some way. Great job on the game!

I think the environment and ambiance was nailed pretty well! The outside area, the house(s), were all very scary and very well done. 

The music and sound effects all really worked together well to make it scary. The part where you enter the house and are trying to find the other person, was genuinely a terrifying time, the darkness, the sounds, they all made it so scary!

The only place where I would say that the game could have been better are the story itself and also the scares and beginning part. Starting off with the beginning part; I think finding the way forward was a tad bit confusing as there was no direct path or anything guiding the player on where to go. Also going all the way back to the car and then all the way back to the house felt like it took away from the scare; could have added more scares or something more than just the rabbit part to keep that tension constant.

The second thing was that the first part of the house felt very underutilised; there could have been scares fitted in there. Especially on how the camera movement while looking at the items was, it could have been incredibly scary.

Then the third part of the game gives the majority of the story, which wasn't paced very well and while it's a pretty cool story with a fun and interesting twist, it doesn't pace it well and there wasn't enough subtle connections from the beginning that gave the ending the punch that it deserves.

The above are just my thoughts on how some small things could be improved, but overall, it was a pretty neat game with great implemented ambiance and environments and sounds! A fun little horror experience!

mountain is home, mountain is life

I was kidnapped... And made to clean walls?
Very eco friendly kidnappers, how nice!

No one can confine me. Pfft >.>

Also a very fun little game! Would love to see more puzzle type games as you did this pretty well! The only thing that was a little annoying was the keypad, it took a bit of a while to load and I seemed to have broken that part when I first tried t interact with it. Other than that I really liked how everything was laid out and connected!

Said it before and I will say it again; Your writing is really enthralling and alluring and I really love reading it. Loved the premise and how each path shows a different mindset and pscyhe and the endings were all alluded to. Really cool little story!

Ah, logging onto my old computer and joining some ol' chaps after fishing.. NOTHING could go wrong.. Right?

A great game, as everyone's said. Lots of personality with the endings and characters, and the puzzles were pretty good and well done in how it all ties together! Loved the art, music and everything!

We're all in a dance together in a galaxy. Let's pick each other up >.>

I came into it expecting a spooky horror game, but got a really beautifully sad story instead. I loved how the story unfolded and told the story of the family and what happened in the house and to all the characters. It was told really well and especially well tied in after what happens at the end, just, yeah, it was a really well conveyed and told story and the simple gameplay and location really elevate that and makes it so much more. Really well on this!

Ironic that I was summoned here.. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Love your tools for maps and more, use it for my DnD campaign a lot and they are super fun and useful!)

For a first game and for your age, you have made a really great game! Played a lot of survey games and this is one of the better ones! Really did a cool job and I hope you pursue and develop your skills in story telling and game dev, you can make really great games! Good luck on future projects!

I had so much fun playing this, and I honestly loved the art, as well as a simple sound effects that really made it a whole and amazing experience. Loved getting to know how the game works and playing it, and wanted to ask if I could use this in my DnD campaigns in the future? >.>

I remembered Fatal Frame and wanted to see if you had made more projects, and I didn't realise there was a whole universe you had made, so I wanted to check it out and go through all the stories and see how things were connected as I think you have a really cool way of story telling. This was fun and interesting and the personalities of the characters really make it creepy!

She hates me... *sad face*

(This was a really cool game! Loved the darkness and the utilisation of simplicity to really drive in the scariness and you did a fantastic job with this game. Only wished there was more about the story and everything, enjoyed playing it a lot!)

Had my eye on this for a while and I'm so glad I played it. It was a really well crafted story and the puzzles were so smart! I loved the first puzzle where the desktop was the solution, and using the songs over that; It was just a really well thought out and such a fun and creative way of doing puzzles! It was also interesting to see the story unfold and see what happened to everyone associated with Liz and herself too. It was super fun, and you did a great job making the game! Good luck with future projects!

Was a really well made escape room! I thought I would be stuck around for a while, but it was fairly straightforward and the puzzles were well thought out! It was both spooky as well as smart and fun! Really great experience!

Chain me up and call me by a different name, I love the cult and slaughtering for them.