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The game lied. It was spooky, the happiness was scared away..

This was an intersting game where the story was told throughout the game slowly, though I felt like the story didn't say enough, it was still interesting to go through the endings and the game to see what happened! The interactions with the people coming to the club were fun and you made a lot out of a little!

This really was a fun and interesting way of telling a story of the game! Though I felt like it didn't tell enough, especially towards the end where there are monsters, a missing daughter, etc, and the game leaves it to the player to figure it out, I still think that the puzzles were really cool and fuin to do!

Was an interesting and spooky game at times! Really liked how the story went from one thing about apartment people fighting for food to then the player becoming food, thought that was a nice twist! The puzzles at times did seem to be a stretch at a bit, like the bathroom puzzle I did by accident and then the final code wasn't even right but it somehow worked. 

It was an interesting concept overall and really fun to play and experience!

Okay, I got to gush about this for a minute because this was such a great little game! Especially the spooky part of the game; finding out more about the WINTERS story and how much more the ghost effects the area was so cool and really took me back to WINTERS! It really was super great and only wished there was more!

Loved the visuals; you have a great way of taking what little there is and making the most out of it. Plus the little story in the back with the mom and girl and the conductor, adds to the overall environment. And the story itself was really cool and I got so into it and got super scared by Erin!

The cosy part of the game also was cute and nice, but I couldn't help but feel that there was more thought put into the spooky pat of the game, as the cosy part didn't go for as long nor did anything much happen. But I really loved the concept of one story having two parts to it that evokes two different emotions, that was a really cool thing!

This just makes mem want to play Waterborne more and hope that there will be more to the WINTERS story as both were really cool and great experiences! Good luck with the rest of the projects!

I REALLY loved the feel and look of the game. The environment really made it super spooky and like something was always watching the player. The graininess plus the lighting were really good! The questioning was also really cool and well done, especially with the spooks that happen in small times throughout it. 

Only wished there were more spooks when the player was questioning the spirit(s) and the game might have been longer because it really was very fun! Other than that, it was a fantastic small game, and really fun to play!

I WILL PET ALL THE CATS! (This was such a fun game! Purrfect little smol game and it was great!)

Imagine picking up a random phone on the road. Pfft, couldn't be me. >.>

Never order the wrong pizza.

Oh, there were trapdoors? I never realised that!

This really was a spooky and well done game! The entity lurking there and the player having to feed it with people. It really was like an SCP story and well done at it too! 

I only wish that the game was longer as it took its time to really ramp up the scares and the entity itself and slowly make things very scary! 

Also being able to hide at the end might have been a cool alternate ending. *thinking emoji*

But those just be my thoughts, you might have had a different vision. I still thought that the game was so fun and engaging and had a blast playing it! Good luck for future projects and can't wait for more!

Was a really fun game! Loved the use of the camera and the scares. Can't wait for Don't Leave!

This was SO well done! I absolutely loved the look of the game, especially that it was taken from day to night. That really made the night's darkness that much thicker and darker and spookier. 

The sounds were great too! And the story of the game and how it progressed, was, I think pretty well done!

I also loved the medieval theme to the game with the kind and the prince and everything; that really was so cool.

Just wish there was more. It felt like there was more to the story and lore, and just I had so much fun playing it. The scare towards the end was pretty spooky!


This felt and looked like a great game! It really was super scary because of the environment and the darkness. It also looked great! 

The only downside I would say is the lack of direction that game has. As  the player sleeps down a path and there are two paths that go down that path.. But none of them are the direction to go? And then if one go back, there is another path that the player can't go through. It gets a bit frustrating as this is never told to the player and the darkness makes it hard to navigate, though the darkness is scary!

That being said, it was well done, especially towards the end where it was spooky! Was fun playing.

Also hope your grandmother gets better, wishing her the best. Take care of yourselves too and good luck with everything! 

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This was so good! Loved the different creative *badum tish* creatures in the game and how they were dealt with. It was also so spooky and loved playing the game and going through the story!

I did feel that though the story seemed to drop off at the end and there didn't really seem a point to it as nothing happened except a reference to the name of the game which... Didn't really fit. Maybe something spooky happening to the nephew or like a battle would have made the story more tied in and fit well!

Also the creeper-darkness part was a bit annoying as once the  monster spots you, there's no point in running away as you can't. Making that boss fight room a little larger and the ability to run away and hide would have made it way more scary as it would have given each attempt more of a reason to run and keep trying and hence made it scarier! 

That being said, it was still a really enjoyable game, scary and well made! Congrats on making it and good luck with future projects!

The game was fun!
It was scary and hilarious at the same time and really packed a punch in a small amount of time! The game was a little rough though as items would disappear out the map and the interaction didn't seem cohesive.

The microwave leaning around the corner, I was not expecting; That scared me so much! And the game overall was fun and scary, so well done on this and good luck on future projects!

This was as fun as Timberlodge! It was pretty spooky and well made! The actual sounds and environment was pretty scary and spooky! As well as the fear of something happening, was well done!

That being said, I did feel like there were a lot of down parts to the game; where I felt like the environment wasn't used fully to its potential as no actual scares of spooks happened with the character in any of the actual environments they walk around in. 

Also the killer taping everything and leaving it in the store was a bit of a stretch as there was no reason why they would do that (or that's how it felt to me). Also we don't get to know the character that we play more for the last decision to really make an emotional impact. The character is silent most of the time and doesn't say much other than what the player chooses.

As well as the 'Society being bad' part of the VHS wasn't really explored outside of the VHS', so that too didn't feel like it fit the story much.

Those of course are just my opinions and thoughts, others might feel different. I still thought that your game was really fun and was spooky! Good luck on future projects and hope to see more!

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This was really well done! You took the Ban Ban games and really made it into something that was a more cohesive and fun experience! While I do think each version of the game has its own vibe, yours really nailed the spooky side and made it pretty freaky with the changes to the darkness and the monsters! Well done on everything on doing it for the first time and learning a lot, hope to see more of your visions of the games!

(Also a small bug I found was that in the vent, you can lock yourself in the middle of the walls and have to restart to get out. Not sure if it helps!)

This game was so immersive and felt so scary. The sounds and the darkness with the doors randomly closing and opening and the random sounds.. It was so scary. I really felt like something was always around the corner ready to grab me. You made it look and feel scary and it was an amazing experience for that!

The downsides I will say that the game communicated poorly what must be done. I did find it fun to find the body, but I did not realise I had not turned the power on even after interacting with the body till I saw someone else's playthrough of the game. Also as fun as it was to find the body, I feel like there should have been more indicators or more of a story with notes or objects and items that alluded to why the person was killed there and slowly leading the player there.

The ghosts coming in after the power was turned on again was really great! Though it was slightly annoying as the game put the player back all the way at the start.

But those are just how I felt, you still did a great jpb integrating the music with the game and making it such a spooky and great experience! Good luck with any future projects!

Thought I would play this after having played more of your recent games and this though was an early rough game, was still really well done! Loved the different aspect ratio of the game, it really added to the movie-like feeling and also in general looked and felt great! Would love to sere more added on to this story as it felt unfinished, but it was really fun to play!

The grim reaper being there was a bit confusing and out of nowhere, thought there would be a demon or something, but the game really felt and played well and cool! Liked the environment and ambiance you crafted and definitely was spooky!

This was really well made! It was genuinely scary because of the noises, the dark and just the unknown of things happening. I think that you took the creepypasta and made it into a really cool horror experience! Would have loved to see more things happen with the portraits but it was still a solid and scary game!

The power of friendship and crowbar for the win!

This was somehow genuinely terrifying! The darkness of the house and the woman chasing you was super scary and that was actually well done, the chase scene's speed was hair raising.

The only way I would maybe say the game could be improved would be that the story that is explained at the very end of the main character stealing the baby could be placed within the game itself; by showing flashbacks or notes or something, having that story in the game would tie everything together.

Otherwise it was still short and fun and well done! Great job on it!

You had ONE job.. DON'T open the box..

I really, really liked this game! The environment was just so.. Vast and so eerie and creepy and it was so well done. Especially the factory part. It was really well crafted and done, but I can't help but feel like some things were just.. Missing from the game? 

Might just be me, but there were those cars that slowly drove past the main character and also some other weird things that happened that seemed to indicate them being followed like the bathroom door in the apartment that was 'strange' that it didn't open once coming back after throwing the trash, but it didn't seem to turn out that way.

I still had a lot of fun playing it, and it was a fun and great horror experience! Good luck with the next game!

It was fun to play the second game and see the story and game evolve and unfold! The puzzles, I did find pretty fun and the secrets; I'm interested in finding out more about them too! Some parts of the game like canons being there and things not being fully explained, and also the cake room did seem a bit iffy as having some more explanation for things might have made it more solid and a tied in experience. 

Still, well done with the game and it was really fun! Good luck with the nexdt releases

It was fun and interesting to get into a Peruvian myth! Would have liked to see more of the myth unfold (read about it in the video) but an interesting implementation into the game! (Also game was very dark.. Spoopy..)

Really liked this one! The sounds were absolutely on point and the visuals went really well with the darkness and FOV of the game, and together, everything was pretty neat and well done! Especially when the creature thing came out of the dark and it was slightly blurry, that was terrifying!

Only thing that I found a little annoying is that, once a path was triggered, it was really difficult to move anywhere else due to the invisible walls, it really constricted movement, especially at the part where the player has to go to the house door. If that was freed up a bit, it would make it a more tied in experience!


Time to go to sleep now..



Step bro left me... *sad face*

This was an interesting game. I really liked the environment you created, it was pretty spooky and things escalating to what happened also was pretty cool! Would have liked to see more of this entity and more mysterious or weird things that doesn't seem right in the house, but it was still a fun short experience! Can't wait for the next game!

I just wanted to give him a present.. *sad face*

I.. um.. Yea.. Uh.. Mm. Yeah..

This was a fun and pretty nice take on a body cam footage game, looking forward to more if this is worked on more in the future!

(Also I may or may not have found a way to escape the Rootboi and then jump off the world...)

You know what they say..

Director knows best!