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This was a pretty cool novel; though I did feel like I did miss out on some parts of the story, I think it's a great way to get players to try different routes and find out more! And wasn't expecting... The part towards the end, it was quite a surprise but the way it mellowed out into the ending was done well. Nice little game and story!

It was cute... But also creepy..

Only the biggest on my videos. *thinking emoji* (But thank you for the second opinion! Been figuring out what size fits best and did think that I've been slightly over enlargening it.)

This was such a blast and a super well made game! Had so much fun playing it and understanding the mechanics. The storybook-like look really made the atmosphere and world that much deeper and the music, sounds and voice acting, wow, they added so much to the game. It really felt like the player was part of the world and it really was so immersive and fun to play. Really great job on it, this was an amazing game.

Played Candypink early around the time I first started my channel, and I got to say, your games and story telling have gotten so much better. Candypink was great, but this was just fantastic. (Video down below if anyone's interested!)

I thought that the storytelling was awesome, and the game was just so creepy even though there was nothing much creepy happening. If a player gets invested into the story, it becomes super spooky and super creepy. Love the way you only hinted towards something supernatural just enough for the player to draw their own conclusions and that ending.. It was great. 

The whole pacing was brilliant and the art style was super amazing and the really simple but effective constant cricket noise in the background was perfect. This was an absolute blast to play and super enjoyable and you did a fantastic job on the game!

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Was a great story! How slowly things devolved and went from a zero to a hundred was well done. The way the player is put into the mindset of someone who wants to grow as an influencer without explaining everything that they might already know was pretty good and told the story well and clearly! If you guys were to ever revisit the game, would love to see more of the world building as there were hints to something greater with the cult, the voice changing and 'mind control'/ loss of time with Dolly. Great job overall, and good luck for future ventures!

This was a beautiful game; the style was so nice and matched the tone and ambience of the game so well. The sound design was really great and set the tone at the start and end which was a great contrast and really made the player feel like they're in that situation. It was super great to play and was very resonating, really great job on it!

Oh, holy crap. That was a great generation, I did suspect at first that it was AI generated but it was very well done!

Was a fun game and an intriguing thought concept! Took me back to the Black Mirror and Uploaded TV shows and the concept of morality of people being uploaded to an afterlife. It was well done and only thing I would suggest would be more graphics (though I do realise they can be very expensive and time consuming to produce) to tie everything together. Other than that, the actress did a great job being emotionless and it was well executed!

Was pretty spooky and was fun to play! The innerving silence really enhanced the time when the spooky noises of the clock and background music played and made the whole environment super creepy! Only noticed it while editing, but the ghosts only appeared on the screen whenever the killer dude came into or left the hotel which I think was a super great detail! Only thing I wished was for this to be longer and the subtle scares like the ghosts be used more, other than that, it was a great spoopy game!

Was a beautiful game and an interesting perspective of someone having Alzheimer's. It was pretty well done and showed the story and how one would feel in a really emotional and great way!

This was so much fun and super great! The relationship between Hendrik and Talaiporia was both hilarious and sweet and finding out more about her and the other dimension was good world building and incentivised playing the game multiple times! The art was super nice and the music set the tone well! Such a well made story and novel, if there's ever a sequel or an extended story, would love to play that one day. Really great job on it!

This was SO well done. The expressions through the art and music and how things just slowly devolved into the horrors that happens as well as the subtle story telling through the pictures, it was all great. This was super spooky and really, really fun and so well made!

It was indeed very fun and a super great game!

This was AMAZING. Played it before when it was like in version 0.3 and thought I would try it again now, and boy am I glad it did. The adrenaline rush when the music starts and you start kicking and shooting, the hype is really well paced and the levels are more crammed and shorter, which allows for better condensed energy, it was all so well and done amazingly. Game's just getting better and better and the work done on this is absolutely amazing. Great job!!

I'm so glad I played this, it was so fun and super great! Wasn't fully expecting the twist at the thing, but it was super funny and great! The art style, music and story really blended together well and made it a really great experience, especially how the game 'restarts' and that's incorporated into both the story and the gameplay, really well done! Congrats on making it and good luck for future projects, this novel was really fun!

Was a really fun game, the way things contrasted with the way things looked; the small scene where Embry was wiping the windows was super peaceful and showed normality, the colourful and rich house and the grey and sparse outside world really set the mood of the game and made it mysterious as well as creepy! The music, though subtle added to the ambience and feel of the game and the story was done! The way things slowly devolved into the end was well paced and there was enough mystery and intrigue to keep interest as well as the spook. Really well done and great game!

Was super fun and well done! Really loved the how Amanda got angrier as the player chose or wrote wrong and took it into its own hands to continue the show further and that if the player does get something right, it just goes on like everything is okay. (Great touch with the secret message in the credits by the way!)

Also really liked how you were foreshadowing things when the next tape was to be played and the player is shown the TV but doesn't think too much of it till the very end. The static-ness was super cool whenever Amanda went wonk and spoopy! Really fun game, good luck for other projects!

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Was pretty well made! Was similar to another game called Rumpelstiltskin, but with it's own unique story which was pretty cool! Would have loved to see more of the interview and explore more of what Sister Maria thinks and asks, but what happens is still thought provoking and I think a pretty cool story and game! Congrats on making it!

This was really well done and super great! The tone that is set as well as the music and art really go together so much and make it such a fun visual novel to play! (Video below if anyone wants to watch!)

Loved the contrast from the normal/ cute art to the actually really creepiness of the art using the same style in the mansion, it really set the ambience well, and even more so with the music coming in and out as well as the typewriter sound for the text, which made it feel more like being in a mystery novel.

The game was great, and if you ever continue the Stillwater series, it would be super cool to see what more of the story you guys have and the explanations about Hugo's 'sight and burden' and the mystery of this game's universe! I think the ambiguity of what Hugo has and the world building has really allows players to conclude things on their own and it even is metaphorical, which is super cool! 

Great job on it, it was really fun to play and good luck for the next project!

The art was really nice and the story was pretty neat! How the days go by and things slowly gets done, it was a fun little short novel! (Video below if anyone's interested!)

If you do ever update the game in the future, I could suggest maybe a second ending if the player collects or does things throughout the days and also more stuff to interact with which doesn't cause an unexpected event of death, it would make the world more interesting as well as there would more more things to do other than sleep (Though the monotony of just eating and sleeping does set the mood of the game pretty well!)

It was still a great game altogether and well made! Congrats on making it and good luck for any future projects!

This was really well made and really did envelop me into the story and atmosphere of the game's world! The pixel graphics was very simple yet told a very intricate story as it went well with the story and the music and allowed the creepiness to shine through. (Video below if anyone's interested!)

The way how the days went by with enough to do as well as the part of the night where the player is shown the character sleeping creates an eerie contrast and accentuates the scare factor each night.

Everything was really well done and the story really does shine through with the fire deodorant being both a hilarious and great payoff! Even having a simple NPC to 'physically' talk to gives the break of flow the story needs, and it's just a really well rounded and crafted story with great tone and ambience in the game!

The only thing I would suggest to improve on would be the house's layout; it was all so cramped and though that does achieve that claustrophobic 'something is wrong' feeling', it becomes slightly frustrating during the chase scenes. The creature is too fast and the environment is too cramped, which doesn't allow for much manoeuvrability. So making the creature slower and the environment slightly larger (or at least the corridors) would help balance things out. 

Other than that, the way the choices are well baked into the story so that making a decision will change the ending that you might get through natural actions was well done! It felt organic and a great way to change the endings up. The art was really freaky and matched the tone of everything REALLY well, especially the window. I can't place my finger on it, but that was super freaky and such a simple scene. The music was subtly in the background but really added to the scenes, making creepy parts creepier and the 'normal' day parts more normal.

All in all, it was a great game and really well made and it was super fun to play! Congrats on making it, and good luck for future projects!

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This was so good, the art, the music, the expressions and the really vibrant and expressive personalities of the main character and Bo, it was so well made.

The whole scheming and going through all the endings was so fun and it made the player want to find out more just because of the amazing charm of the game. Even the little Dev notes you guys put in there was super adorable and really added to everything!

Really was a great game and super glad I stumbled on it, great job on it and wish you guys good luck for future projects!

Was really well done and it was super creepy to experience! The game was simple enough to understand but still very challenging, and the atmosphere, with all the sounds was just fantastic!

The game was so much fun and really well done! (Video below if anyone's interested!)

The 'secret' parts of the story which happens if the instructions weren't followed added so much depth and made the game feel that much immersive, the contrast between the normal time and the dark of the night was really apparent and made things so much scarier. The normalcy of everything that then had something sinister with the 'dark beings' was really well incorporated. The secret ending was a nice touch, and was hilarious!

Everything was so much fun and it really was a well made game, great job on it and good luck for future projects!

Game was really well done! It was super fun to play and the atmosphere you created was wonderful, scary and really immersive. How the character cannot go backwards to where they came from also gave this sense of 'something's wrong' and made me keep looking backwards. The thick darkness was really strong and made things that much spookier, especially in the dark alleyways. 

The NPCs were hilarious and great and made the place seem lively as well as creepy, especially as the game kept going on. It was just fun to go through the story and feel something as normal as shopping feel very wrong.

The only thing I would say that could have been better would be the story explained at the end. If that wasn't monologue-explained at the very end, it wouldn't have made sense, so maybe baking the fact that the toy salesman was the father into the game would have tied everything together well.

Other than that, it was a really fun and freaky game and all the work put into it shows. Great job on making it!

The updated game added so much! The endings, plus the art and story really added a lot to think about, more than I was expecting! 

The contrasting art as well as the personality and story of John Doe and how everything is being played out really adds to the overall story and intrigue of the game and I think it's a really great way story telling where the players can interpret it.

Really great job on the game, and good luck for future projects! You've made a really great game and all the work shows!

Was super creepy; I actually looked around my room towards the end. The atmosphere was great and the scenes going at their pace added to the creepiness. 

The sounds were pretty well done and were super creepy, though I could maybe suggest compressing them so that they are all at the same level? There were three different audio levels at the start, mid and end, not sure if that was intentional, but still added to the overall creep factor! The story of how things were reversing and more and more stuff was being revealed about Howard and the family was pretty interesting! Wish there was more spooks like the person walking away from camera towards the end and the text telling the viewer to come outside, but everything still melded well together and was creepy and well

Super fun little game and well done! Good luck for other projects!

Absolutely loved this game! The atmosphere was so great, the warbly music in the background was so great and it really amped up the creepiness. The movement really made things super spooky, it makes the player feel restricted and there was always the feeling that something was behind the character. The house was well designed and can't wait to see what's in future updates! (Video below if anyone's interested!)

Only thing I would suggest would be to reduce the amount of points where you can go to, taking inspiration from At Dead Of Night. That might enhance the creep factor as player choices would be more limited and could be more well thought out.

Oh and wanted to report a glitch (Or at least I think it was one?). If the player picked up the key before the power outage happens, the game glitches out and the power comes back on as well as the fuse box breaks and not all the fuses are interactable.

Other than that, it was a fantastic demo and very much looking forward to more! Good luck for the project and stay safe!

It was a really simple yet well made story and game! The simplicity of everything really made the creepiness of everything shine through and the music that you used was great! It really set the tone and mood well. It was really interesting and fun to play!

Super fun game and a take on hang man! The simplicity of everything really adds up and makes it that much more fun and the voice acting was great! Great game!

Wasn't expecting the game to be a questionnaire on fears, but I really enjoyed it! The little glitches in between where the player was told not to look back, the squiggly dude, play dead really added to the game to make it spookier! Loved the Mandella Catalogue effect on the game and though probably not intentional, the way the aspect ratio changed made it seem even more glitchier and gave it that realistic scary vibe! It was a really awesome small game and really fun to play!

The game was adorable and super fun! The art was super cute and it was really fun to figure out what was happening! Fun little game, keep it up!

Really well made! It was really creepy and the story that went on was well done and really added to the creep factor. The sounds were really good and made the  scenes and story that much creepier (If you couldn't tell, the game is pretty creepy *thinking emoji*) But well done and a great Mandela Catalogue game!

It was fun and well made! I can't explain why, but the apartment was creepy, especially with the slow walking speed as well as the darkness throughout the game and the silence too. The spooks were well made and the animations with the doggo was great and really added a lot to the game! 

The only thing I would suggest to update would be seeing through the walls as that can ruin some surprises for people if the accidentally see what is happening in the next room.

Other than that, the game was great and the work that went in shows! Great job!

Super well done and just as great as the previous entry! The narration was really person like, it had a lot personality; it was humorous and also set the tone and scene quite well! (Video below if anyone's interested!)

The atmosphere of the game was great, the little details everywhere was really cool to see like the environment as well as the WIFi bar going away after you walk away a certain distance.

Though one thing I would suggest is to maybe add an invisible wall on the road? I ended up walking for forty minutes down the road with nothing happening, so maybe there is something down there, but thought it would help any future players to have an invisible wall or maybe a text saying that the player shouldn't keep walking (Though the little Easter egg text where the character tells herself that they should have got their car at the logs was pretty fun!)

The creepiness of the motel and everything was really well done, only thing I would say would be to have expanded on the theory that there was a drug or a cult ring going on, but the vagueness of the end does make it seem more like a story telling, so that was well done too! The twist are really great and the way the microphone was used was also well done and really scary! Hope to see more of that in the future! Well done and good luck!

It This was a pretty neat little game! The intrigue that everything causes and the fourth wall breaking really adds up together and makes it fun!

Such a wholesome and amazing game! The graphics were so cute and set the tone really well, the dialogues and the options were also really great and well done! Even the music was nice and alleviated the mood! It was such a wholesome and sweet game and it was such great fun to experience!

It was a pretty interesting game and a really interesting concept! I originally thought it was going back in time, but going through dimensions through the mirror adds a level of depth to the game! Going through the history of how the two characters are reacting to each other travelling is was interesting to see and it made the game that much more interesting! Really great concept and would love to see this evolve into more if you ever work on it again! Great job and good luck for future projects!

It was a fun game! Finding everyone in the game was a surprise and also spooky moments with the toilet boi and it had a really creepy atmosphere! Great job on it and good luck for future projects!