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hi, and thanks for nice feedback.

As a small team it’s easier for us to focus on a single platform first, as our ressources are limited.

Hermetika VR is one of the very few fully 360º VR game, taking full advantage of the Quest absence of cable, and thus would not be ideal to play with a cable or with only front facing tracking (many PCVR installations lack 360º tracking).

That said, we have accessibility features planned that would also be a good fit for a PCVR version. 

When the Quest version is final, we will indeed see to have a great PCVR port too!

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im sorry but what? most pcvr doesnt have 360° tracking?

any basestation based tracking solution is 360°. most others can track 360° too.
if you look at the steam hardware survey, you will find that over 70% of steamVR headsets are one of: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Rift, Valve Index

ALL of which fully support 360° games.

anyone who plays PCVR has their cable issue solved in one way or another, be it through wireless solutions or ceiling mounting the cable (its what i do)

i can understand the 'small team' and 'easier to focus on one platform' argument fully, but please dont make excuses about the 360° tracking, that just sounds like you dont know anything about PCVR. In fact i would argue that the quest is more limited, since it can easily loose tracking of the controllers behind the players body (in my limited ~3h experience trying a quest, but to be honest the rift s suffers from the same problem).

this is a cool project, dont make yourself seem like idiots

PCVR doesn't need "accessibility features", far less than a quest anyways

PS: sorry if this seems harsh

lol what?