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We have paused the development for now, but we plan to set aside some time in the following months to rework Hermetika, as we love the world and style we started to build up. We have actually too much ideas for Hermetika compared to the time we have!

What is your exact problem for the install? I'm guessing you have a Quest 2: what are the steps you are using to install the APK on your Quest? At what step does it fails?


One thing we plan to do is to publish Hermetika via App Lab, making the install much easier, but it will be later in 2022.


Hi! Not in the immediate future. 

One issue is support: the PCVR ecosystem is more fragmented than Quest where if it works on our systems we know it works everywhere.

Another big issue is user experience: Hermetika controls have been designed for wireless headsets and having a cable will make the games a much less pleasant experience (as you need to spin and even jump a bit)

Were you able to use your Oculus key to get the App Lab version?

Just to mention that there's now a click sound when you connect the pieces 😃(and a cutting sound when you cut your own puzzles!)

Thanks again for your feedback!

Are you using the latest App Lab version? It would be great if you could contact me by email at or even better join the Discord so we can chat and gather all the information to send back to Oculus!

Hi! App Sharing is mandatory for all new apps since February 13, 2021 😃

And all App Lab apps had to approve it, as far as I know! It should work fine with Peco Peco, but if you have any issue, please tell us so we can ask Oculus to fix it 😅

Hi! We made an update to the cuts, and now they should not be higher than 1.5m.

To force an update to the cuts, you can use SideQuest "Run ADB commands" located here:

Then  "Custom Commands" and paste this command to remove the cached cuts:

adb shell rm -rf /sdcard/Android/data/am.benth.pecopeco/files/PecoPeco/cache/cuts

Alternatively you can use Android File Transfer to go and delete the same folder.

The cuts will be downloaded anew at the next launch, with a more limited height :-)

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Thanks, you are right on point, we plan to have more feedback when snapping pieces! As for muting music, we will at some point have a proper sound menu so you can balance music, sounds effects and sounds coming from the models themselves. It will probably be when or just after we change the UI for a proper menu system.

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Thanks for your feedback, you are absolutely right that there's improvements to make on the input and manipulation side of the UX. We also plan to have a better menu in the next few weeks. 

hi, and thanks for nice feedback.

As a small team it’s easier for us to focus on a single platform first, as our ressources are limited.

Hermetika VR is one of the very few fully 360º VR game, taking full advantage of the Quest absence of cable, and thus would not be ideal to play with a cable or with only front facing tracking (many PCVR installations lack 360º tracking).

That said, we have accessibility features planned that would also be a good fit for a PCVR version. 

When the Quest version is final, we will indeed see to have a great PCVR port too!


Thanks a lot for the compliment on the art, and we are happy that you find the game fun!

Concerning the final price: the price will rise as the content and diversity in the game rise, so by buying early you’ll get the complete and even more fun game (a $10 game ;-) for the current price.

I’d love to have your feedback on what you’d like to see in a $10 version of Hermetika VR, it’s players like you who can help shape a game during early release! What would make it more fun for you?

Thanks! It's really cool to see you playing, and explaining the game from your perspective. Very motivating for us :-)

Ooops, sorry that you were stuck! After closing the door, did you ear the swoosh sound that marks the apparitions of the rope? 

In any case, thanks for the feedback, and for sure progression and balance is one aspect where we are going to make improvements

Thanks! We are checking that bug and we'll try to have a fix in the next build!

Thanks a lot for your great feedback and detailed bug report! It's very helpful for us.