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im sorry but what? most pcvr doesnt have 360° tracking?

any basestation based tracking solution is 360°. most others can track 360° too.
if you look at the steam hardware survey, you will find that over 70% of steamVR headsets are one of: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Rift, Valve Index

ALL of which fully support 360° games.

anyone who plays PCVR has their cable issue solved in one way or another, be it through wireless solutions or ceiling mounting the cable (its what i do)

i can understand the 'small team' and 'easier to focus on one platform' argument fully, but please dont make excuses about the 360° tracking, that just sounds like you dont know anything about PCVR. In fact i would argue that the quest is more limited, since it can easily loose tracking of the controllers behind the players body (in my limited ~3h experience trying a quest, but to be honest the rift s suffers from the same problem).

this is a cool project, dont make yourself seem like idiots

PCVR doesn't need "accessibility features", far less than a quest anyways

PS: sorry if this seems harsh