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1. Are you enjoying Neil's route, do you still like him/hate him?
I was... wary, at first. Things are certainly getting interesting right now. I can't say I hate him right now, but I don't exactly like him. >.>
2. What are your thoughts on Dimitri's first two chapters? Do you want to read more?
He seems interesting, so yes I'd like to read more.
3. Who's your favourite guy out of Neil and Dimitri? Or perhaps Alex?
Dimitri seems interesting, but we haven't seen much of him yet, so I haven't really formed a huge opinion yet.I know more about Neil, but as I said, I don't exactly like him. His story's interesting, though. Alex is just a straight up a**, so absolutely not him. If he was nicer, then perhaps.
4. What's your favourite CG?
When the mask comes off. The blush is adorable, even if I'm not super into him.
5. What's your favourite chapter or scene?
Ooh, this is a difficult one. I'd say the scene with the mirrors at the masquerade. It was cute~
6. Which part was the most romantic to you?
Oooh, again, difficult.... the most romantic part, I think, was probably the dance at the masquerade. I'm more of a sweet romantic.
7. Out of all of the side characters, is there anyone you would want as a date option?
I'd like to date Sarah, she's so enthusiastic and supportive... but Angela's cute, supportive as well, seems to be in a kinda rough spot with her family, and also rich.
8. Did you at any point get stuck on a loading screen? 
9. Were you able to create clothing using the “Design” button?
10. Did you encounter any bugs while designing? 
Not that I recall, no.
11. Were you able to dress up your avatar using the “Outfit” button? 
12. Was everything easy to use, or were the menus too complicated? 
I would have preferred a less complex name-entering system, using the keyboard would be nice. Otherwise, everything else was great!
13. What did you like more, creating clothes, dressing up the avatar, or reading the story?
Why not all 3? :D Okay but I'm a sucker for stories(it's how I found this) but I ALSO have to say that I loved just creating clothes too. Reminded me of all those doll dress-up games I used to play online. Good times.
14. Most importantly, did you enjoy the game? :D
Yes! :D

Well, not everyone will like Neil - it's a total preference, you know. Especially with these type of games, everyone has their preferred type. My preferred type is totally Aiden and Caine, definitely not Neil. Which one do you think you'd like, based on their brief summaries? :)

But hey, even though you don't like Neil, I'm glad you're still able to enjoy yourself reading through his route.

I can totally see a romantic route with Angela - there'd be so much melodrama though haha. She's an awesome character, I love writing her. She's definitely important in Neil's route, you'll find out soon in the next few chapters.

And same, I played a few dress-up games as well. Mostly what inspired Tailor Tales was the ability to create clothing in the game Animal Crossing. I really liked the idea of wearing your own designs, and dressing up in different outfits has always been fun to me in any game, so I went with it!

Thank you for your feedback, and the nice screenshots :)

Hmm, from the brief summaries and what I know, in order, I think I like Aiden/Sam-James-Caine/Dimitri-Neil? That may change depending on the stories though~

Angela would be so much fun to romance I think! She's so lovely and her humour is great <3 I can't wait to see more of her in Neil's route, haha!