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No, I should thank you, It has been a while since i got so much into a game, I really loved your game and I am rooting for you :) And yes, I usually take around an hour per game to record, but by the time i realized it took me like an hour and a half, and I still didn't finish it, so I sat down to play more and record, I am doing a full playthrough and I am happy you like it, I will probably even go back to the jumping space stage thingie and explore a bit more (and farm so i can re-record the fight with capricorn since she wooped my sweet behinds)

I will try to get money to support ya with the crowfunding campaing (It's quite hard to get $USD around here in my country you see...) as well as spreading the name of the game for ya :) really, you deserve a well earned praise, this game is awesomely polished, and has so many details you can get into it and love it almost inmediately.

Keep being awesome :) With love, vize.