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"So saturn is fat and with glasses" << I laughed SO HARD! >XD

I had SO MUCH FUN watching you play,  really, it was so fun, so fun! It's always great seeing people play, specially for mapping and the battles, since I can understand people's difficulties better!
The demo did turn out longer than I expected, I polished it so much it became gigantic =(( It's 1 hour and a half of gameplay, btw, but I think you already know that?

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the game, and I'll send kudos to my musicians! As for the full game, it will probably be launched next year, but I can't specify yet! In august/september there'll be a crowdfunding campaign for the game, so if you liked it please consider donating to help bring the project to life! :33

No, I should thank you, It has been a while since i got so much into a game, I really loved your game and I am rooting for you :) And yes, I usually take around an hour per game to record, but by the time i realized it took me like an hour and a half, and I still didn't finish it, so I sat down to play more and record, I am doing a full playthrough and I am happy you like it, I will probably even go back to the jumping space stage thingie and explore a bit more (and farm so i can re-record the fight with capricorn since she wooped my sweet behinds)

I will try to get money to support ya with the crowfunding campaing (It's quite hard to get $USD around here in my country you see...) as well as spreading the name of the game for ya :) really, you deserve a well earned praise, this game is awesomely polished, and has so many details you can get into it and love it almost inmediately.

Keep being awesome :) With love, vize.