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Just played the demo, seems promising. I had a hard time finding a good balance between all production ratios, which I believe is good to keep the player entertained. Balance-wise, each farm tend to overflow the factories and I feel that three destinations limit too much arbitrary. This is specially true when it comes to cities and I fear it will reduce the impact of warehouses.

The UI gives me the more trouble, pop-up windows that covers the center of the screen, that I have to drag around to place the harvesters were very annoying, and having to manually close each of them after use was very tiedous. Repeating the factory symbol on each of the factory types in the factory sub-menu felt useless and more confusing that anything else. Also I don't really like having my building cost tracked on my financial report, because it gives me a hard time to know how my industry is really going.

A lot of the tasks where repetitives, which is to be expected at some point in management games ofc, but I felt I needed too often to repeat the exact same factory configuration in a row. I think that the game would benefit greatly of user presets to save some time in doing such manipulations. Also I would greatly appreciate the ability to change color of my buildings to visually keep track of which factory is building what.

Anyway, that's already a very good job that you did and the features you wish to add are really appealing. I wish you a good alpha launch!

Many thanks for your detailed feedback! Many of the issues you pointed out have been addressed, hopefully you'll see the changes next week. As for the discrepancy with farm production, it's done on purpose, as you pointed out. Need to keep things interesting and purposefully unbalanced, but the new transport options should ease your micromanagement suffering!