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Worked for a while but then just broke, the gun shoots at 1 spot, you can't pick up items, npcs just freeze and don't move. Adding a mosin nagant or semi rifle would be nice. 

Thanks for reporting the issue, don't know what might be causing it though, it shouldn't be happening. 

If possible, please send me the file output_log.txt located in C:/users/your_user/appdata/locallow/junkbytes/stick veterans. 

I'll definitely add more weapons, but need to finish some other features first.

Found it.

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Found the problem, it's a game bug.

Please try deleting the file config.xml, it's in the same folder as the output.log (C:/users/your_user/appdata/locallow/junkbytes/stick veterans). Then restart the game, and it will be auto-generated again.

Also, in the Game Rules, make sure the "extra grenade for every..." is not zero. This will be allowed in the next update, where I will include the fix.

Thanks for reporting the problem, and let me know if it persists!

I set all of the grenade settings to 0,  that's what broke it probably.  Its fixed now.