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its locked up what happened?

lets gooooo

I really liked playing this game please update it

Probably dani's worst game. Horrible controls and race mode is rigged as hell.

It was very fun to play, but I feel like the boss fight shoot be a bit harder

Very useful! Would be cool if you added a way to change the start/stop keybind

I like this please add stuff

yes the glowing red ball

theres barely any recoil wdym

what is the point of this


I tried running but it says something bout uhh visual software

please optimize

yes a ump45 or p90 would be cool

I like this game, very fast paced balanced. I would be cool if there where some more server options so you could do things like sniper only or disable upgrades. And skin customization, like hats / cosmetics.


wish there was a little more mmph in the action music (after you kick doors down) also it would be cool if there where more than 1 gun

Relies on jumpscares and really trashy game mechanics to make it scary, and fails. Just another trash "scary" game

wow this blew up

Graphics busted.


Minimum specs?

Why not bind jump to W, up arrow, or space? Its a lot more convenient just to do that.

Basically just In the Pause Between the Ringing but you find a red orb thing.

why is my laptop fan screaming 

Doesn't feel very interactive. Entities just flop down and die without notice, the guns sound like bb guns, no muzzle flare or bullet tracer. Along with coins, they just pop into the counter without any sound. I like it, but could use polishing.

roblox smile?



this is so wholesome

pc please

Why not?

I get like 30 fps but yes




Better than me :/

I have an old graphics card, Nvidia Quadro FX 880m. That might be the problem.