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Of course, aha. I feel kind of silly typing it all out but I hope my feedback in any way assists!

That's totally reasonable! For now I'd consider it largely an after-thought but other than that I found the UI to be very easy to interact with.

Jerk characters seem to often be a hit with readers and not with their writers! That said I definitely wouldn't enjoy his route as much as I did without the ability to match his bickering. I think the bickering, at times, is very endearing it just frustrates me to see him jumping back and forth between affectionate and dismissive -- which is an understandable character trait considering his situation. I look forward to seeing him less guarded in the future!

I'll admit dating an ex's little brother is a kind of uncomfortable idea for me. Still, I think getting past that is something I won't be alone in facing, since along the route I imagine Joselina will also have some complicated feelings on the matter. I think it's a great way to draw up conflict around the relationship, though, and am definitely not adverse to exploring his route because of it. And, of course, I'm happy to see more of Sarah!

My suggestions for adding to the design and outfit categories are honestly just things I'm personally fond of. I really gravitate towards large sweaters and cardigans, blazers and jackets in general, crop tops, high-waisted bottoms, and combat boots but that's all personal taste. I'd also really love to see an a-line bob hair style on the longer side as an option for hair just because it happens to be my favorite style. Other than that nothing comes immediately to mind, I'm afraid!

Found one, in the next beta you should be able to use your keyboard when typing in a name :)

As for Dimitri's route, definitely Joselina will struggle with this as well, and it's an underlying theme in his story (every bachelor has its own underlying theme). Also, his route is probably the sweetest cavity inducing one among them all, he's a real sweetheart. I really want to hurry up and finish his script, but I'm only 18k words in! I want every route to be around 60k words at least.

And thank you for the clothing suggestions, I'll keep them in mind. I was actually working on drawing a bob hairstyle just now.

I'm glad to be able to type freely! Thank you for finding a solution, and so quickly!

After the cake scene and learning his mother is a pastry chef I fully associate Dimitri in all his adorable glory with confectioneries. Probably a cinnamon role, to adopt the trope.  Honestly all the progress you make in short intervals amazes me, already having about a third of his route  scripted is honestly awing. I'm definitely excited to have such foil characters as the Beta Bachelors: being able to break up Neil's route with a character as precious as Dimitri is refreshing, to say the least!

I definitely needed to write someone sweet after writing a jerk, hah. Plus, I know Neil is not everyone's cup of tea! So adding someone who's basically the opposite of him was a wise idea.