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Hi Rabbytt, your work seems pretty mysterious and dark. I'm sure it leaves no one indiferent. It has exterted a tremendous impact on me to see the atmosphere and the unbereable tension I just feel when I see all these mannequins as if they were to rise up. Have you thought to make your work global? If you need a localizer for this game or others, I'm all ears!

Hi Andrea! Thanks for the feedback! We haven't considered making the game global, as this is the first game the two of us have released, but in the future we may consider doing so. Thanks for the offer, we'll take it into consideration!

I'll be there for you!!! Supergood luck for all your projects. This one seems very exciting. But you know, I'd be scared if I played!! I wouldn't like those mannequins to reach me!!! Anyway, I'll try!!