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Andrea Llopis Poveda

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It would be great!!!! We'll be in touch!!!! I wish you all the best with this project, take care!!!

Hi The Shore, your game is enthralling and I would love to be part of it, so if you happen to make it global, please count on me to localise it. I could even be the project manager for the localisation process, anyway, I'll be all ears!!!

Hi there Pixelb, your game looks like very mysterious and challenging. Even if there's only a written part in form of subtitles. The theme of orphanages is always a good resource to create a game that makes the player get captivated. If you happen some day to make it global, I'm here for you!!! I offer you my services as a video game localiser. Supergood luck!!!

Hi there, MinhNguyen35, your game looks pretty cool to be honest! Darnkness and mystery drag you into the game. Once your work is over, I'm quite sure the result will be worth it. If you happen to make it glogal, feel free to write me a message. I'm all ears to localise your work!! I am a professional Video Game Localiser. Supergooooddd luck!

Hi ParagonEarth, the game seems impressive. Mystery and action match perfectly. Have you considered to make it global? If you need to localise the video game I'm here for you mate!!!! It would be successful, I'm pretty sure!

I'll be there for you!!! Supergood luck for all your projects. This one seems very exciting. But you know, I'd be scared if I played!! I wouldn't like those mannequins to reach me!!! Anyway, I'll try!!

Hi Rabbytt, your work seems pretty mysterious and dark. I'm sure it leaves no one indiferent. It has exterted a tremendous impact on me to see the atmosphere and the unbereable tension I just feel when I see all these mannequins as if they were to rise up. Have you thought to make your work global? If you need a localizer for this game or others, I'm all ears!

Hi Dreaming Methods, your work seems awesome. I love the atmosphere and the aesthetics, but what interests me the most is the literature and de writing process that let the player get dragged in to the game. Have you considered to make your game global? If you need to localize your work and make it bigger, I'm all ears!

Hi Mr_reamer, please accept my apologies. Could you?

Hi Nifty Visuals, I have carefully read the whole description of your game and there's a huge job of writing and creation process. Have you considered to make it global? I am a video game localizer and I would relish to add this game to my work experience. If you need a project manager for the localization of this titlte I'm the person you need! 

Tell me your view about it. Take care.

Hi CaseyRobinson, your game seems very interesting. I do love adventure games in which you need to collect and complete levels. It is remarkable that you have done an incredible work of creating terms and literature. I'm a video game localizer and I have background and experience in audiovisual translation. I would love to localize your game into Spanish and make it more global. How do you feel about it? I'll wait your answer. Take care!

Hi there! Wow! I do love these kind of games where aesthetics and action match perfectly. As a video game localizer, I would relish to localize this one for my collection of works in audiovisual translation. Well, this one and others too. Mysterious style is my weak point. Have you ever consider to make it global DarkStone Digital? 

Greatings from Spain!