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Hey there! Reporting a small typo in the current patron build (Version:  May 23) . When you get the satisfied end for the harpy encounter, its says  "She seems to be in some sort of dazy,..." instead of "She seems to be in some sort of daze,...".

Also, I learned all the offensive skills, but quickly found out that since I have all these abilities available, I couldn't see all of them, especially the sex skills that appear at the bottom. I was still able to use them by using either the shortcut keys or the up and down arrows, but I was wondering if it was possible to scroll through them so I could just use the mouse.

Great work so far, keep up the good work!

Oh, also for the male Goblin encounter, the pronouns still seem to be for the female goblin instead of the male. Ex: "Her rhythmic thrusting..." instead of "his rhythmic thrusting". Hope that helps!

Thanks, got the typo and the Goblin Male now has the right pronouns - we did add mouse scrolling with the new weekly patron build, although it's still a little wonky.