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I think the bloom is way too strong in this version. When all the HUD elements are shining like they're polished steel it's a bit much.

The player plane seems a bit too tough. What's the point of having flares when you can just facetank up to like 5 missiles while everyone else can only take 2 with the QF-18s being able to take 2 and just a bit of gunfire.

Also, unbound controls seem to reset to defaults every time I start the game which makes it a bit annoying to clear them again.

I also had the control unbound issue, but only once, and it was only for joystick x-axis.

Really, HUD bloom it's too exaggerated in this version. Also,  enemy plane's navigation lights are overly strong too.
An option to deactivate HUD bloom should be good.

Noted about the HUD elements. 

I'll have to investigate regarding the key rebinding issue. That shouldn't be happening at all.

Thanks for the feedback.