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I learned how to spam lighting at the beginning of the level. Is that cheating? after using the tune abilities over and over, muscle memory became a thing :) 

If there is one thing that bothered me, it is the movement. pressing up makes you move diagonally up. It doesn't feel too natural. Eventually, I got a hang of it. Then there was also the door incident which I dm you about. 

Asides from that, I enjoyed the mechanics of the game! the graphics are charming and memorable.  The rage was fun and I used it to my advantage. 


Yeah, def should have made lightning only work within more of a range of the player. Movement and the character controller are 100% what I want to work on improving the most in a new build so I'll probably ditch the diagonal movement entirely once I do that. Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad that you enjoyed it!


I liked the lighting XD dont remove :)

Yeah, I think it breaks the game, but in a nice way at least