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Quick question, I'm going to take another look through the guide just incase I missed it but do enraged and bleed do anything besides modify other attacks through means and augments?


Bleeding is applied as a condition to any target hit by an ability that applies bleeding, once applied every time the target takes a turn they take 1d4 damage, reducing the number of bleed stacks by 1. 

The only way a player can cause bleeding is if they have an ability made with the impacts Gut or Lacerate (or if you make up any of your own!)

Enraged is a positive condition that is also applied as part of an ability, and reduces damage taken for its duration.

Rules as written the only way to have either effect on the table would be to make it part of a character's ability through Martial Impacts, however you could always tie it to a magic or masterwork weapon of some sort, or a special piece of armor if you felt it would serve your game better.

Hope this helps! If you're still confused feel free to jump into the discord and we can talk about it.


Thanks will definitely check out the discord