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brilliant game keep it up

Thanks will definitely check out the discord

Quick question, I'm going to take another look through the guide just incase I missed it but do enraged and bleed do anything besides modify other attacks through means and augments?

Loved this game, Ironically the mc reminded me a lot of myself (Besides the whole convicted criminal bit) so that just immersed me in the story even more. I found myself reading the lines of dialogue in my own voice, even adding on emphasis as I would have said it. My only gripe is that the first section of the game can feel a bit slow but once you get the flow of conversation down it really works well. I definitely recommend playing this if you are on the fence about it. (I can't guarantee that your and my experiences will be exactly the same tho due to the reasons I stated at the start of this.) Great game 10/10

OctoRaid VR community · Created a new topic love this game

this game is great there are a few stylistic choices for the pc version that the people I played with had issues with but nothing major that I could tell. We honestly could use more asymmetrical  vr games on quest

No problem, really excited to try it. Thanks for the response.

hey, really want to play your game, went to go to the google play store to find it and it says Item not found?

Loved this. kind of short, but I like the point of view you communicated

Some, but not much still trying to figure out stuff and it's getting really annoying ( the game not the tileset)

making a game with this (Or at least attempting to) the main mechanic is that you can charge momentum and then release it mid-air.

Ah, I didn't recognize her with the cape and scythe. Kinda wish those were in the game. As for the Queen, I'll be looking out for her in Delux (I assume that's where she'll be revealed.)

Is there a story mode I don't know about? Are they an unlockable character? For that matter who's the one in the top left too? they look really cool! if someone could tell me, that would be great.