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Thank you so much!  I only did the level design, programming and character animation, though I did suggest adding background variety to my tile designer (I think it got lost in communication), so I did what I could with the stripes to make the levels at least seem a little different.  I'm sorry about the physics bugs, I had to move on to complete the rest of the game on time (most of the levels and objects were created or finished a few hours before the deadline) .  I had some sounds I wanted to add to add to the charm, but due to a lack of experience and time had to cut them to make the deadline.  I'll continue to polish the game after the deadline though, hopefully removing the frustration you had to deal with.

That’s totally understandable. It’s a game jam after all. That said, I did beat it, so the listed detractors were not so bad that I quit halfway. My intentions were to provide actionable feedback, not to complain. It’s a 48hr game jam, so finishing a playable game in time at all is already plenty compliment-worthy IMO.