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it's a rookie mistake but making your game's page is really helpful for "marketing") not everyone will try out some noname game)

i like that although there're no guides or description player understands how to play intuitively) 

the game is too short though and has a lack of story telling) i think you would really  benefit from joking around commenting what's happening) or even telling a little children story! like "once there was a penguin and he found a basket", "suddenly he realized that all the boxes wanted his basket too 'and so on)  with that kind of accent on storytelling the game mechanics could be very simple) 
i mean it would be fun if you'd made it childish on purpose and throughout the story increase the madness of what's happening. you have a 3d world so you could lose control of gravity at some point and so on) and that would be closer to the theme)

so as I think you're new to the filed it would be easy for you to focus more on the story ('cause it's easier to make) and not on the technical part  and make a great fun game) i would love to play that)

but anyway you did great because this obscure game has something from alice in wonderland for me and this is nice) thank you)

p.s quit button didn't work (

Thank you for taking the time to play the game and write this comment.

I lacked time during the jam and was a bit rusty, so I don't really think that the result is playable and that's why I didn't style the page to avoid disappointing people x)

Sorry about the quit button, I tried using the new Input system for Unity but it broke the buttons.