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The game looks really interesting, but even with the description here on itch, I couldn't really figure out what to do, mybe there could be a clearer communication of what the mission/objective is.

Like through text on screen or a particle-effect that guides the play, etc.

actually the descirption is of no use now i want it as sandbox

you can collect boxes and then i am getting problem for crafting as i am using old unity so any script is not working fully

i can give more updated one in which by procedural generation i am making caves and other things :) i like this project also haha

then i want like fantasy plants, dragons , eggs, and cool magical experience type

That sounds very cool : )

Have you tried upgrading your project to a newer version of unity, if you do it step by step (e.g.  2017.1 -> 2017.2 -> 2017.3 ... 2019.4) it has less chance to break, but definitely back-up your project before trying to upgrade it.

how much data will it take i mean in mbs or gb i will do that on weekend ok i will do it step by step

Yeah if you don't have fast internet it takes forever, I once had to upgrade a project for almost a month : )