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Yeah the game is very unpolished. But I'm glad you had fun : )

The ricochets aren't really random, it's just the normal of the hit surface with some random rotation ontop.

Sorry for the confusion, as stated in the description, the game is very rough around the edges and I didn't have enough time to properly do level-design at the end. 

But thank you for playing anyway : )

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Thanks that's nice to hear : )

I'm not regularly on any of the message-types you mentioned, but through Gamejolt (probably itch too) you can chat with people.

Yeah if you don't have fast internet it takes forever, I once had to upgrade a project for almost a month : )

Thats really creative.

We're all always improving : )

Yeah I was confused by code a lot too, still am to a degree, but over time it gets better.
Thanks myn, I really hope I can get the game that far : )

I also use the brackeys FPS-Controller in TwoDoors : )

Defenitely, but I had a habit of not finishing games for a long time, I made a bunch of games between the FPS and TwoDoors, but I never made them good enough to publish. I'm actually publishing my games now though so thats good : )

And yeah the best way to improve is to make game after game : )

You don't need to be good at everything, if your game is good in one or a couple aspects thats usually enough : )

That sounds very cool : )

Have you tried upgrading your project to a newer version of unity, if you do it step by step (e.g.  2017.1 -> 2017.2 -> 2017.3 ... 2019.4) it has less chance to break, but definitely back-up your project before trying to upgrade it.

Yeah I noticed that, it's very interesting i haven't played any games like it : )

Thats very cool, I also started out watching all those channels.

Yeah, I think most people who do game-dev don't do it as their actual full-time job, I'd love to, but it's really risky. Maybe I can make "TwoDoors" good enough to sell it, but I don't know : )

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The game is cool, I wasn't expecting the scream when you get close to the house, that scared me ; )

I also like that the lights flicker thats a cool effect.

I noticed that your FPS games don't lock the cursor, you can so with "UnityEngine.Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked;".

I don't entirely get the point of the game, but I like the blue rectangles that follow you and you can jump on : )

Cool endless runner, I like how its seemingly randomly generated, but still gets more challenging the further you get : )

I like the music, the game is very atmospheric : )

The game looks really interesting, but even with the description here on itch, I couldn't really figure out what to do, mybe there could be a clearer communication of what the mission/objective is.

Like through text on screen or a particle-effect that guides the play, etc.

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Cool game man, I'm sorry I didn't realise you had games published to you itch page sooner.
The shooting is cool and I like the dancing zombie ; )

Since you asked for help in the description:

I'd make some sort of jumping/driving parcour for the car, maybe rings in the air for the plane. And you could try to make the NPCs fight back when you shoot them or shooting-ranges, etc any type of game/scenario that has rules&stackes&reward&punishment.

This way you would have gameplay, beyond a demo : )

You could also highscores.

Hi man, I can't find a way to download your game. Is it not published yet?

Yeah, the last two are very old though. The FPS has barely two level and doesn't even end when you reach the end of the last level xD

Thanks so much again. It's really helpful to see you playing the game. : )

Sorry, I couldn't update the game on itch because it was a jam-entry and ratings were still going on, I am updating it right now, I have updated it already on GameJolt:

Wow man, this game is so fun : )

The music go me all hyped and the game is really addicting for a while.

The shield do kind of block the vision a bit, I don't know if it was intended, but that makes it more hectic.

Still very impressive, with all the complexity : )

Wow man, such an impressive game. I don't know how you crammed good art, gameplay and level-design into a game-jam, but you did. Really impressive : )

Really impressive, I especially like the character art and the character-controller : )

Cool idea, I especially like the art : )

Interesting game, as has been said before it's tricky when you're alone, but I can see the fun that could be had with two people. Great job : )

Very cool : )
I really like the game, it's very inovative.

Cool Idea : )

I especially liked that you could see the other person and it was basically local-multiplayer. That's very impressive.

Really cool, I haven't seen any games like this in the jam : )

Thanks : )

The second last level took really long, I totally underestimated how long level-design takes : )

I didn't do the music and sfx, the links to their creators are in the games description.

I didin't mean to imply that you did badly, I actually really enjoyed the game. I really liked the ice-age reference : )

I think most jam-games are full of bugs, I have been fixing buggs and adding quality of life stuff to my jam-game since the jam ended.

Great that you guys enjoyed the jam : )

I also like the creativity induced by the time-limit.

I handed in before they extended the deadline, maybe I could have improved some stuff too ; )

Thanks for going through the trouble to reply : )

That's cool, it looks like a good engine. It's nice that you liked my game : )

Thanks a bunch, thats really nice : )

The color-palette is picked out of a couple of different palettes from '', it's a really useful tool. I don't know how to do it in Unreal, but in Unity you can pretty easily define seperate Post-Processing settings and them switch them out at run-time. ; )

No problem, it's obvious you put a lot of effort into it : )

I also had some things I wanted to add/change and could't, I guess just how game-jams are ; )

Thank you : )

It actually did at first have a jump, but it caused too many glitches/made the game too easy so I took it out.

I might add it back in for a future release though : )