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I played this game long ago. And its still fascinating me. I see the dev Team is going good on this game, keep going guys. I am excited to play the full game. I see enemies right now are bats, wolves. Would be there more enemy types eg. lion, tiger, or some other jungle animal or beasts. I would like to have some more interactable buildings like we have tavern.

Still i like to play the teaser part and made my hands dirty :D

good one :)

This one is awesome. I will plug it into my game. Will update you

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most satisfying game

best part is kicking :D

Couldnt beat the game but still loved it very much playing

and the music dope

Add health packs, walls which break by kick

its a wonderful piece of art

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The art is fantastic man. The game-play is nice. Visually appealing graphics. It was good to be in this environment for 15 minutes. The fog, rain effects were cool.

Gameplay #5

I have reached the end of demo :D want to play more :)

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Was busy couldnt watch out the page. YOu guys have updated the game I will play it now.

Here are my next Gameplays ;) This game need some mastery over fighting for player then he can play game efficiently.



More coming soon..

Waiting for full game. I have joined discord tho. Cool You got 1k downloads.

Hello Game Dev !

It was an amazing experience to play this fantastic 2d RPG adventure game.

I was lost while playing it. I have made a lot of Gameplay videos around 20 +. It will help you find out the bugs.

Few things i have encountered.

  1. Sometimes the wolf dont get ! sign and dont attack and same happened with a monster I dont know but very strong and cant defeat him at any cost.

  2. When you click right button in inventory it gets out of inventory totally which kinda disturbed me. My suggestion is is after clicking right i am not finished i have to do more shopping :).

  3. There was a sudden glitch when i moved the 1st floor of tavern but it was once only. The screen became pink.

What I liked?

  1. Story rich content.
  2. Addictive gameplay.
  3. Enemies are tough to attack and needed a plan and tactic.
  4. Use of different elements like fireplace, bed, tavern.
  5. Variety of enemies to fight.

I will upload all my 20 videos hope it will help :D


nice game

It was a new experiment guys you people have created.

It was kinda cool to add lights to follow in darkness.

There could be narration in between also where players have choice what to do where to go. So players can think in between. The last message was cool you went to philosophy. So like that different fears can be add according to type of people.

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is there anything wrong with game?

yes it ends :d

also models made by me do you like it?

yes they are cool bcoz i like story and gameplay

this game is just for fun and wasting time a good way of course.

but i love playing it :)

Dancing Deer was good and killing them was like i never thought this game gave a diversity of things to do shooting, horror, rich-story, some bunny mating behind bars, workers bunny and purple bunny

The design of game was good yet i confused where to go ;P As tunnels made me forget the way

its a cool game. It can be improved the ducks sometimes spawn just near lava and one more thing it stuck at tree while it spwan i think it collides with collider of tree and get stuck.

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it was a good game. The visuals were cool.

Cutscene felt me like i am watching a movie. The view over mountains was nice shot and the last one with water and mountains was too good.

Good work on dialogues and story. I think it could have given a chance to escape. The taking of photograph was a good mechanic to add. The environment was well setup. Hope to see you guys update on this project soon :)

It was fun to spend time on this mini little Huldofolk game

I guess next we can add more exploration and save people from Huldofolk. I mean Huldofolk would have captured some people and we save them.

There can be story next that archaelogist brother goes to find the Huldofolk and it goes on.

I would love to know.

yeah i love to experiment it was long but worth it !

I like this game and challenges you made :) Good Work

You will make some good Games in future

Best of Luck

cool saved my illegal money from TAXMAN

its nice mini game ;)

must terrify who couldnt save themselves from TAXMAN

this game was cool to play with challenging puzzles ;)

Yeah nice! i am checking you have some good games ;)

hey this game looks nice

Good Mini Horror Game

I like the environment, fear of getting caught and killed, music is good, i played to red door but i fall and was prisoned in room full of drawers, its chapter 1 i dont know what to expect from other chapters.

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I just wanna try visual novel games and this looks perfect to play.


Thanks AVN

Welcome Claudia ! I will make more videos on your game. Its amazing work of ART :D

Brother change the name of MajorFolder to ATET_Data. I got the error while playing

Thanks It helps :)

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I like farming games. As this game is inspired from StardewValley,Pokemon and other favourites of mine. I will play this game.

It has farming, blob fighting, cutting, meteor showers. So it will be a wonderful experience ;)

Here is my first video

this game is lit. Wonderful graphics and gameplay it never let me bored ;D

it reminds off old games like contra or Cave Story ;)

Hey Brother! Its really SAD whats going on in your life. But you have to recover and make your best friend proud so he REST IN PEACE. You have shown what friendship is when i see many friends leave and cheat but you are such a good soul that you remember your friend moments. YOu have a good heart. Please carry on with your work… and Charlie is proud to have you.

I can feel your speech and affection for your mate its very sad to speak about the moments talks jokes you both did. SO as Charlie is a warrior now you have to be warrior ;))

I really appreciate your efforts and condoleances for Charlie Family.

That will be cool.

Thanks man

Yeah atmosphere and deep feeling of peace was my goal.

I made next version of it .

Journey of horizon A. it would be in my game collection. It’s next level of Coluria

Yeah I tried to combine my you tube learning in one game.

Driving, FPS, flying , also picking objects. Day night cycle. Eating.

Plane is tedious. There will be a white box and jump into it press E. Then I think wasd and arrow keys. Similar to Gta San Andreas.

If you like this work I can work more.

i thought to survive a week but could do for 6 days

nice mini game to play ;)

graphics are very cute and sounds too ;)

Good JOB

oh okay cool to know bro

will try this android one on weekend ;)

Hey man what is difference in these two downloads

Packed on and exe only ?

oh thanks i will try them :D

cool Game to play :D Penguin is very slippery and level design is such it makes fun.

Waiting for next levels ;D

my gameplay will be very funny

Man this game in demo is so amazing. Waiting for full game update me when you guys prepare the full game i will definitely play that and make it fun ;) and more long because i want to play more and more :D

The pixel art you guys used but still its filled with horror and the story is in flow cheers for that.

I made a video for your hard work if you find any bug you can watch video :D

Thanks AVN

Thats what my goal is to make people happy :)

Hey man! I played your game. You are using blender right now. YOu can use unity to further advance your games. You have story but you need more good controls and 3d assets. Try to make a more big playable game. I didnt get the story much ;) but you did good work i know its hard to make games but keep improving