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You said that you had no time for a tutorial but I understood every mechanic. It does not bother me that the art is like this if you are not an artist.

The only thing I did not like was how slow the movement felt. Since the very beginning I spammed spells to try to go faster.


Wow, I'm really grateful for that! I left the tutorial for last while developing but I still had the idea to convey every spell and challenge in a non-verbal manner. I do believe this makes for a more rewarding experience and makes players feel less dumbed-down. 

I guess the slow movement is a problem in this presentation since the original idea was to have rooms full of puzzles in a very Zelda-like level design. In this case, slow movements are preferred so you can adjust easier to hit switches or avoid pits, for instance. But in the end I had to rush a very basic level design and it ended looking like a very long corridor which doesn't match the hat's speed at all. Thanks for noticing and giving the feedback!