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Totally understand - a demo just shows stuff that's functional and everything can change before it's done.

Also, good to know you folks have been trying stuff to deal with the axe throwing to make it less troublesome for trickier throws.

Pacing-wise seemed pretty good - only those two parts I mentioned (where you needed to know how the pull worked and the timing for the last puzzle) seemed overly rough compared to what was in the area. But you'd probably want feedback from other folks too to get a good comparison (and at least with the pull portion any tutorial stuff you have planned should make that more obvious as to what to do).

Apologies again for the delay on a response. I don't check much so there may be delayed before I notice stuff.

Still, best wishes to you with the game!


Thanks again for your feedback. Sorry for the very late reply. Yeah the game still just a demo and will change for sure. Yeah the last area might need some fixing. We will make everything clear at the end by soke visuals or a tutorial. I am looking forward to see you play our game once we have the full game in the future. Anyways I really appreciate your feedback and wish you have a wonderful weekend.