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Well done! It wasn't immediately apparent how to move rocks but some experimenting did the trick (I did pull myself out of bounds at one point). 

I was able to repeat this more than once with intruder anomalies so if it occurs early enough in the night you definitely can get points this way.

There is a bug where if you report an intruder anomaly but don't switch cameras after fixing it then you'll still be attacked. Interestingly enough, if this is the first anomaly of the night doing this will have a 100% report rate and gain points.

Besides that this looks quite promising. Best of luck with further development!

No problem, thanks again. I think the confusion was that you had controls for moving the camera up/down and I could never get that to work, so I assumed that and the fire exit might have been bugged.

Best of luck with your next project!

Thanks for the fun with this game. I also found an additional Ending 12 "Real" by choosing not to trust the co-worker after getting the scissors. I did not find Ending 13 though after getting everything else in the list - is there something that must be done to acquire it?

Also, after getting Ending 12 "Hired" more than once the elevator doors were replaced with a fire exit that just had a black screen and sounds of running down steps but did nothing. Was this something significant?

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Thanks! I did try some more and was able to get the game over screen to pop up after restarting, but then got the same bug on a second try. After restarting the game again I was able to get a game over two times in a row without the bug occurring. Not sure if that helps you or not.

This is a fun game with some pretty interesting failures. I particularly found the Ruthless option with the vampire to be pretty funny. Congrats on your work!

I think the bug might be from the method of the last character dying. I had the bug repeat in the room with the ghost after using the Kind option with 1 health and no stamina, which killed the last character. Curiously, after moving on I reached the end and could escape, which just causes a different bug with a black screen from everyone being dead.

Enjoyed what I played but when I purposefully tried to fail the game gets stuck with all three characters dead. Once the last character dies it gives "move on" and puts you in the next room with nothing to do. Is there a game over screen it should be jumping to?

Also, not sure if this helps you, but here's an unlisted video of gameplay for it: 

Because this reminds me somewhat of Suspended you need the awesome creepy cover of that game box to show up.

Best of luck with your submission!

Totally understand - a demo just shows stuff that's functional and everything can change before it's done.

Also, good to know you folks have been trying stuff to deal with the axe throwing to make it less troublesome for trickier throws.

Pacing-wise seemed pretty good - only those two parts I mentioned (where you needed to know how the pull worked and the timing for the last puzzle) seemed overly rough compared to what was in the area. But you'd probably want feedback from other folks too to get a good comparison (and at least with the pull portion any tutorial stuff you have planned should make that more obvious as to what to do).

Apologies again for the delay on a response. I don't check much so there may be delayed before I notice stuff.

Still, best wishes to you with the game!

Lasted about 40 minutes until a chain reaction of bad stuff ended me (it was fun just deploying medics to treat the symptoms and not the underlying problems at that point). Colonists being red for serious stuff helped clear things but things like janitor/tech stuff kind of got overlooked once things got really big. I never located one sector that had bad stuff happen in it. Oh well.

Pretty fun little game with some good humor. And while it was kind of cool and crazy, it won't bring my father back.

Apologies for the delay on a response. So far what I played looked good. Some things I can't judge too much as I don't have much context for how long the game is (the demo I assume covers the first level, which is also why I assume there's one music track).

Gameplay is pretty solid though. I think the one annoyance - which another comment on the video pointed out on the video - is that aiming the axe through tight spaces like spike tunnels can be a bit annoying. They suggested an aim assist, but I could also see other options like toggling to have a line between the player and cursor to see the expected path (or toggle to lock the direction for a throw).

The timing on the last block puzzle in the third area seems a bit tight (14:50 mark in the video). I know that gave me some trouble the first time I tried it. It also took a bit of experimenting to find that the directional pull on a block with calling the axe back was based on your character's position rather than where the axe is embedded (such as the 6:21 point for that area). I'm not sure if a brief tutorial screen when activating a new thing would be helpful for folks, depending on how complex new things get in future rooms.

Nonetheless, I hope that helps and wish you the best of luck with your game!

Hiya, you asked me to try your demo out during a stream so I have done so:

Best of luck with your game!

I have also done a video of the ways to die:

Curiously, the challenge to get killed by every monster seems to have bugged out a bit as it popped up when I went back to the finale without the appropriate item (when I had already encountered that death).

An audio error appears to occur with the writing sound effect (as text is displayed) if you rapidly click on the genie's wishes too (it lasts until you quit).

Once again, thank you for the enjoyment from this game and congratulations on finishing it! I look forward to your next project!

I have uploaded a playthrough of the game: 

Thank you for the enjoyment and the help.

I'm also looking for all the ways to meet a terrible end as that's also part of the fun with these games but I haven't completed the challenge to be killed by every monster so I'll be hunting down what has to hunt me down first.

Thanks for the answer. That had me completely stumped.

I finished the game and greatly enjoyed it!

Thanks for the hint! I must be very unobservant here as I went back and examined/used anything that looked remotely out of place and still have turned up empty. This will undoubtedly be one of those moments where the answer will be so obvious I wondered how I could have overlooked it.

Congrats on releasing another game GrahfMetal! I had a blast with Infested and so far it's been the same with Spectacle. These games always hook me after playing the NES version of Shadowgate.

One very minor issue I noticed: Examining the writing at the Hesperides Path gives a spelling error of "decifer". 

Also, my apologies but I appear to have been stumped and could use a hint. I have the red, blue, and gold keys and believe I've done everything in the Northlands. I've reached the palace gate in the Southlands but don't have the correct key. There's a boulder I can't move and the shah statue accepts one item, but there's no reaction. The loose dirt in the area tells me I need a shovel but I don't seem to have seen one in any of the places I've been.

I did initially run into a roadblock with finding the blue key from not noticing the spot to place the item so I'm likely just being unobservant or not understanding Scroll II. I have gone back through each screen to see if there was an item or writing for a new spell with no luck. Much appreciated for any help!

And best of luck with whatever project you work on next!