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Got It! Got to night 15 and died here's a list for stuff.

1. Up to night 8 probably start using barricades upgraded at one end of the map with one civilian or more in it. When using barricades, I usual use them exactly on the west end or east end of the central middle road, ensures you can have a lot of barricades. Also place them near other pathways so they can shot in another way (just in case horde coming)

2. HAVE to have a MK8R (not golden) due to massive magazine

3. Have as secondary a bazooka (area effect) or a leviathan if you are lucky (special end that have piecing)

4. Kill civilians...sometimes so they won't infect others later on

5. Headshots are useful sometimes as they take away more health than if you shot as the body

6. Use your grenades, I think they're there for a reason

7. I am recording a play through of this game which, in it I got to night 11

8. Get the question marks instead of the actual weapons - works for me most of the time

9. There's one...side effect I've noticed. I play on a mac and SOMETIMES when the screen goes black and says 'day 2' or 'night 4' if I spam keys, when the first person display shows up, I get like 50x speed and I move SO FAST. I use this to show other people I can doesn't always work though, ps DON'T get rid of it, it actually makes the game harder.

These are just tips for people when playing. I don't mind if you remove this comment...I don't even know how to remove it....yet. Anyway this is such a cool game, everybody who's a 'real' gamer should play this it very intense, fun, exciting and hardcore. AWESOME GAME. Also I said that like before in the previous comment...but still SO EPIC. Well...That's it from me, I'm gonna support this...once I get paypal or a credit card.

We can't wait to see the play though you've been working on. Also, don't worry about us taking out the ultra fast running glitch. We like subtle glitches like that, we think that they make the game more enjoyable. :'D