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or else...

Lovely Game <3

Short and Sweet. Like eating cake.

This was such a lovely game to play and to explore. The art, story, development, ideas, story, art, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Amazing game, I would recommend it to anyone who can play it.

this is such a wonderful game and series! The story, gameplay and artwork was amazing, I can't wait till the next game!!!

Golden Guns have more firepower, more magazine capacity (or just more ammo), better accuracy, are gold but the refill cost is 2 - 3 times higher than the normal gun (also sry to Jzlla if I interrupt).

Congratulations on getting Polygon Hero into Steam! It's a well deserved achievement, I hope youse proud! Hope it keeps expanding '3' XD

Not much support?! This is a GREAT game! Get me my agent

how do you play this on a mac cause it's an .rar file so i can't play it....please make me be able to play it, PLEZ. also wine no work, needed stronger system like vodka.

This is really cool and creative. I really want to see the sequel! Keep on hopping!

hey, got question, you know that big building that the only way to get up is on those VERY THIN platform thingies? Well is there anything special on it or something, cause I think there is otherwise you wouldn't have done or you just like annoy people with stuff  like that. you know which building I'm talking about right?

:O        ... Well...that's really cool and you must do seriously coding 'n' stuff. Though I would ask for like boss battle thing like very powerful zombie but once defeated says you beat the game and continues in infinite mod. It's just an idea as if the game is's then impossible to pass the game at a certain level.

also thx for allowing polygon hero to have grenades antidotes and barricades, if I did not have them I would have died a lot more to get past wave 25 etc

also how many waves are there in total? Cause i don't think in coding or gamemnaker it can be infinite like there must be a boss battle or something?

not very good at like the thumbnail etc more views pleaz

That is IT! I am retiring from Atlas City WAVE 26! BABY! Not boasting here's a hit : You get no barricades or antidotes past wave 20. It's very difficult, I am gonna do maybe one more video on this as Atlas City or Shattered Woodlands. I have to say this is sooooo much fun. Health bar is an interesting idea and I recommend it. Also I would love a standoff version in which you don't need civilians, there are no buildings or they all to tall. 

Wait got better idea, no civilians barricades included. So it's just you, zombies keep spawning in at corners and won't stop until like 200 levels. There's a small base which has a ramp in which is like a last last stand thing. You can get gold weapons etc and can refill your barricades at limited checkpoint things. Presented as 'waves' though and will show how far you get. You have a health bar. Zombies will get progressively tougher and the yellow zombie can maybe jump small distance. This is just an endurance test thing. I think it would be awesome as a difficult game mode called something like 'The Hardcore 4D'.

This is just an idea for a zombie, this zombie has a vacuum around it that sucks civilians and the player near it. Just an idea.

I challenge players to beat wave 26. I JUST SURVIVED, i would like has 1 to 5 civilians left and ALWAYS erridaticate purple zombies or the upgraded fast zombies first.

Here are tips :

To kill purple zombie easy just wait until it attacks a civilian and it's distracted completely which is the best time to take it out.

Kill civilians sometimes if you don't want to spare antidote and you have MONEY to afford it.

Use barricades, they are VERY useful.

Weapons Best to Worst :

MK8R : Lots of Ammo okay fire rate

Golden AUG : Not bad ammo and superb accuracy, damage + fire rate.

Golden MK8R : Good ammo, fire rate okay accuracy but costs way too much for ammo.

Bazooka : Area of effect grenade

SIG : Fire rate + accuracy and okay ammo, never gotten a golden one though.

AUG : accuracy + fire rate. Standard

Leviathan : Never really used this but it has INFINITE penetration (goes through infinite amount of zombies)

This is excellent game okay. THIS is probably the best indie game I've seen for a while, fun, challenging and a kick-ass animation style. I even wanted to make a character comic thing of this. Ravinia6 i nominate you for the awesome indie game award, this award is fictional though so never mind.

This is incredible difficult game at high stages, if you are in for a challenge play this GAME!


boom! wave 20, shouldn't have taken on 3 on those phasing purple guys, i have to say that is AN AWESOME ADDITION! 

sorry not VERY observant

OMG ART SYLE SOOOO COOOLLLL NOW. THIS IS AWESOME NEW MAP IS AWESOME. if you see a rank player called HugSomeSunshine or The Cup Holder that is ME! I will do this weekend a play through of this update and post it because it deserves it! SO COOL....especially new zombie be honest.......I did prefer some aspects before, e.g. seeing where some weapons are on the map did help, if i did not see that pleas tell, though this is sooo cool.

I will be the best ranking player on the leader board, i will DO IT! mostly because i love the game soon much. Also...i am awesome, got to night 16 on previous version!


I am introducing this game to some people so they can support you or get it and appreciate it :)


-HugSomeSunshine, The Cup Holder

Got It! Got to night 15 and died here's a list for stuff.

1. Up to night 8 probably start using barricades upgraded at one end of the map with one civilian or more in it. When using barricades, I usual use them exactly on the west end or east end of the central middle road, ensures you can have a lot of barricades. Also place them near other pathways so they can shot in another way (just in case horde coming)

2. HAVE to have a MK8R (not golden) due to massive magazine

3. Have as secondary a bazooka (area effect) or a leviathan if you are lucky (special end that have piecing)

4. Kill civilians...sometimes so they won't infect others later on

5. Headshots are useful sometimes as they take away more health than if you shot as the body

6. Use your grenades, I think they're there for a reason

7. I am recording a play through of this game which, in it I got to night 11

8. Get the question marks instead of the actual weapons - works for me most of the time

9. There's one...side effect I've noticed. I play on a mac and SOMETIMES when the screen goes black and says 'day 2' or 'night 4' if I spam keys, when the first person display shows up, I get like 50x speed and I move SO FAST. I use this to show other people I can doesn't always work though, ps DON'T get rid of it, it actually makes the game harder.

These are just tips for people when playing. I don't mind if you remove this comment...I don't even know how to remove it....yet. Anyway this is such a cool game, everybody who's a 'real' gamer should play this it very intense, fun, exciting and hardcore. AWESOME GAME. Also I said that like before in the previous comment...but still SO EPIC. Well...That's it from me, I'm gonna support this...once I get paypal or a credit card.

Ps I have gotten to Night 10 where I died...HOW DO YOU PASS THIS!? Really difficult, my strategy is to hole up in one place with one civilian with upgraded barricades. Please tell me how to pass this. Also guns to use : MKAR (not gold) + bazooka. Sorry just my strategy. Thanks! game OP + difficulty.

..............just make the game...IT...IS....AWEOSME. Very well made and very fun, finish it PLEASE!

This game is FANTASTIC! A really great game to play with good difficulty...REAL difficulty. HOWEVER (of course) i ask for better ways of climbing the buildings to get weapons as it's difficult, like maybe just climbing not jumping off walls? Also SO awesome if there was a multiplayer (killing each other and co-op) but maybe increased difficulty. This is however a very great and difficult game so I like it.