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Haha thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'm thinking of making a "Polygon Hero 2" with multiplayer, more maps, more effects, better animations, more modes, and a lot more.

Haha thank you! I haven't touched it. I'm thinking about making a second one with better mechanics, multiplayer, and stuff. But Idk if thats a good idea.

We removed it from the app store because of frame rate issues and control problems. Also, it wasn't getting much support haha

I was going to put something up there, but I never really got to it unfortunately :/

Lol, awesome video. Thanks for your support! :)

it's infinite 

we weren't able to make your suggestions because we've been focusing on getting it on steam. There are, however, new guns and a new map that will be added.  We have to figure out steams new system before we release, that may take a few days. But we'll let you know when we figure it out!

we're going to wait until steam updates their API, then we will post it. They update on the 16th.

Glad you're enjoying it! The resolution glitch should be fixed. Now you can adjust the resolution.

Alright. I'll see what I can do.

This should fix the problem. Is the resolution still funky?

found the problem. So sorry for the inconvenience. We will update the files immediately.


awesome video :D thanks for your support!

Unfortunately that would mess up the fairness of the game. However, we may change the order that the zombies spawn in.

The giants come out on round 28

What round did you get to? Someone may have taken fourth after you got it. The game doesn't update your rank until you beat your high score.

We'll keep updating periodically. As for multiplayer, that will only be released if we get enough support for the game. As soon as we have a large audience, we will reconstruct the game with multiplayer support. So share with your friends!


Thanks for your support! That helps us out a lot. I saw your high score :'D We have no idea how you got that far. Nicely done!

You can still see weapons on the mini-map.


Thanks! we'll consider your suggestions for future updates :)


 Awesome video! Glad you like it!

Version 2.0.0 is now out: worldwide rankings and a new map!

Support us on Steam!

New update available!


That is a popular request and we will add that in a future update!


That was just early access :) Get it now for free!

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Thanks! Glad you liked it! I'll make sure to put a tutorial in the next update so that you can learn how to find the weapons! (The weapons are on the roof, you can wall jump) Awesome vid!

Modes like that will be considered based on popular demand. 

Thanks for the feedback!

We can't wait to see the play though you've been working on. Also, don't worry about us taking out the ultra fast running glitch. We like subtle glitches like that, we think that they make the game more enjoyable. :'D

Hey! We're glad that you're enjoying the game. We would really appreciate it if you rated it! :D

The game modes you suggested sound awesome! If we receive a lot of support for this game then we will certainly work on those modes! So, feel free to share this website with your friends :) 

You can purchase guns by walking near a weapon and pressing "F." By shooting the undead you will earn points. You also earn points by saving citizens each night. So try to keep your citizens alive throughout the day/night!


Thanks for your comment! Night 10 is really far, nicely done!!! Also nice strategy! Holding up behind barricades is probably your best bet. At those higher rounds it gets ridiculously hard to deal with the hordes of infected citizens.

 We are currently working on releasing a new version of the game with lots of BIG new features. Stay tuned! :D


Thanks for your input! we'll look into that for out next update. :D

Glad you're enjoying the game!


Thank you!

We worked hard, so it's awesome to see that everyone is enjoying the game.

How far have you gotten? Soon we will have a score board so you can see the highest scores.

No worries! Glad to see that you're enjoying the game!

We appreciate your input. We'll see what we can do, however we can't promise anything. The original intention for this game was zombies, but we'll look into that mode in future updates.


Sorry for the confusion. We've just updated the development log with the update details.


Thanks for your review!

We'll see what we can do about the wall jumping to make it easier. Unfortunately wall climbing isn't going to be a viable option; Wall jumping allows for the user to skillfully navigate the app, which creates a huge dynamic for the game.

Multiplayer will be introduced if the game's audience keeps growing as it is.

We're glad that you're enjoying the game! :D We will be releasing a mobile version of this shortly for iOS devices and possibly android.

Keep playing!

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Thank you for your feedback! :D It's awesome to see that the game works on less beefy computers. That was one of the intentions we had while making the game. So there are no guns located inside the building. When items on the mini-map appear to be inside the building, it actually means that they are on top of the building. You can jump up walls by pressing space in air while you're near a wall.

We've been working on a mode where there are no citizens. That mode will be released sometime in the future :)

As for the SWAT force, unfortunately we've decided that adding a SWAT, police, or military force will defeat the "hero" aspect of the game.

Eventually we will give the citizens smarter A.I. if the audience for this game keeps growing.


Thanks for your input. Glad you like it!

Thank you for your review! We're grateful hear that you're happy with the fluidity of the game!

After the end of each round, every citizen in the city (including you) will be vaccinated. This way you don't have to murder so many citizens. I would suggest saving your antidotes for yourself or the last remaining citizens. We're sorry for this confusion. It will be fixed in our next update! :)

Let us know if you have any other suggestions! We appreciate your support!


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Thank you for your review! We're glad to see that you're enjoying the game! :D

As for the crawlers, they're meant to be difficult (they're usually what get me). The good news is that they usually travel in swarms. Because of this, they can be easily taken out by placing a sentry turret in the middle of their swarm (It's dangerous, but highly effective).

After the end of each round, every citizen in the city (including you) will be vaccinated. This way you don't have to waste your antidotes. I would suggest saving your antidotes for yourself or the last remaining citizens. We will be sure to clarify this confusion in our next update! :)


Thank you so much for your review! We're glad to see that you're enjoying the game. We just fixed the wall jumping and clarified the controls for upgrading barricades to have turrets. Please let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions. Have fun!

Yeah, we're surprised it isn't getting more popular too. Feel free to share it with your friends!