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Bug reporting: - With Linux build, after a first complete run untill the end, restarting the game from the main menù (without closing the program first), I was able to open the first locked door without the key and then some scripted actions won't start trying to interact with other rooms elements;

- If I point Rebecca to Chris, she will keep move against him until clicking elsewhere.

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@trota68 Thanks for letting us know! We'll get hands on right away! 

About pointing Rebecca towards Chris, could you elaborate? Do they actually move or just play the turn/walk animation? Really appreciate the input!

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First Rebecca walk near Chris, then, when she stop near him, her legs start moving left and right very rapidly while Chris legs animation "walking backwards/rotate" starts playing at the same time (Chris doesn't change his position anyway).

Yup we reproduced both bugs. We'll try to get them fixed for the next version. The first one is more critical and actually affects our dev. tools, so a big thanks for spotting it ;-)