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This is a fun game, lots of good ideas in it. So far, though, the core gameplay needs some help.

Sharing ideas a lot is spam of a single repeated power, and that's bad. This could be addressed by making it something with greater effect, but greater cost and/or time requirement; that'd remove some tedium. I also found myself with my Rise plummeting (and someone else's increasing) for reasons that weren't clear to me.

The heavy-handed ability to enthrall someone seems a bit too direct. I reckon that it would be better to have a kind of little mini-game to nab them, and it might be a good idea to make a persistent cost to keep someone directly enthralled.

This might be planned, but it seems like once the game is further along it would make sense to have a character creation bit at start, letting you pick which buildings and capabilities you get, somewhat altering the details of your goals, and giving you different numbers. In this way you might get a different power per turn (this could also be boosted by shadow, or other factors, as options purchased in character creation) which would allow you to give major things in the world (such as enthrallment) a power upkeep rate.

Buildings, I reckon, need a bit of reconceptualization. Rather than having lots of different buildings, each in only one form, it would make sense to have one or a couple buildings but to keep adding on upgrades, making (for example) a mist that is truly abominable in all ways.

I couldn't figure out how to use the military, so no feedback there other than maybe explain it better.

As of right now, you actually cannot control the military at all, it's automated. I'm pretty sure that Bobby has mentioned that overhauling this is high on his list of priorities, though. Now I don't want to put words in his mouth, so I stand ready to be corrected, but that's what I though was the case.

Okay. So. Many points to answer, I'll do my best. I'm assuming from you mentioning the mist you're on V10. It's unfinished but none of those issue are related to its unfinished-ness so they're all still valid.

Repeated clicking in politics: This is an issue, although it's possible it's an issue with me communicating the mechanics. It can often be faster to impassion a dude, making him a better spokesperson for his views, then use him to spread them, than to repeatedly have him spread them at low levels. That's why impassion is so cheap, at only 3 power, to make it realistic to use instead of just spread views repeatedly.

Enthralling in a single action: I'm not opposed to the idea of a system to replace "just spend power" but I can't think of anything which wouldn't just be an artificial tacked on bit, with no connection to the rest. Plus, you don't have much to do with your turns without an enthralled or two, so it would just be dead time.

Character creation/Pre-game planning: Definitely something I want. A variety of things are possible. My basic idea is you'd see the board to begin with, then get to pick which tools you want to deploy. It may be a kickstarter stretch goal, though, if I run out of time, since I'd want to do it properly and test it for balance a whole bunch.

Buildings: They're not perfect, but I'm okay with buildings as they stand. Having just a single building slot and upgrading would be pretty similar to how they are now, but would prevent you from mixing and matching. For instance you could decide to have a fog+fish person build, if you only want a couple of powers out of each. I think it'll make more sense with more buildings being introduced, but we'll have to see how it works out.

Military: You're explicitly not supposed to be able to command any unit. This is a design feature, not an oversight or a feature coming later. I simply don't have the time to design and build a tactical AI system able to respond to what the player could do with full unit control. The player would have an unbeatable advantage as a result. It's not that I don't want tactical combat, it's that I don't think I can implement tactical combat. Firaxis have been trying to get hex-tile turn-based combat working since Civ 5, and it's like eight years later and they still don't have it. I've no reason to believe I can do better, so I simply avoid the issue, despite the loss of gameplay that causes.

Hope this clears things up a bit. Thanks for the feedback, though, definitely useful to know what needs another look at.

To clarify on the military, it's not that I was trying to command units directly. I didn't figure out how to interface with the military system at all. The game documentation implies that you should be able to instigate conquest, but I wasn't able to.

Oh, okay, that's different then.

It's done in three steps, from the voting screen. You could just start up a tiny map and grab a country with a single city, so you control the full vote, just to quickly get to grips with it, all steps are "propose vote" to change the desired thing, then when the vote pops up, voting for the desired option.

Step 1: Get your nation's military posture to "offensive", this is required for declaring war.

Step 2: Set an offensive target. You can pick any of your neighbouring kingdoms. The popup should give you some rough idea of military strengths. I'll admit that bit needs a bit more UI work.

Step 3: You can now propose "declare war". Do so, and if it succeeds you'll start a war to conquer the target kingdom.