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A member registered Sep 30, 2016

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To clarify on the military, it's not that I was trying to command units directly. I didn't figure out how to interface with the military system at all. The game documentation implies that you should be able to instigate conquest, but I wasn't able to.

Marketing is arguably the most important part of the kickstarter, man. Read up on it and make some contacts before you actually launch.

This is a fun game, lots of good ideas in it. So far, though, the core gameplay needs some help.

Sharing ideas a lot is spam of a single repeated power, and that's bad. This could be addressed by making it something with greater effect, but greater cost and/or time requirement; that'd remove some tedium. I also found myself with my Rise plummeting (and someone else's increasing) for reasons that weren't clear to me.

The heavy-handed ability to enthrall someone seems a bit too direct. I reckon that it would be better to have a kind of little mini-game to nab them, and it might be a good idea to make a persistent cost to keep someone directly enthralled.

This might be planned, but it seems like once the game is further along it would make sense to have a character creation bit at start, letting you pick which buildings and capabilities you get, somewhat altering the details of your goals, and giving you different numbers. In this way you might get a different power per turn (this could also be boosted by shadow, or other factors, as options purchased in character creation) which would allow you to give major things in the world (such as enthrallment) a power upkeep rate.

Buildings, I reckon, need a bit of reconceptualization. Rather than having lots of different buildings, each in only one form, it would make sense to have one or a couple buildings but to keep adding on upgrades, making (for example) a mist that is truly abominable in all ways.

I couldn't figure out how to use the military, so no feedback there other than maybe explain it better.

It's a fun game. I found the pacing to be really good, playing a bit cautiously I spent a good time exploring and died only a few times, which seems about right. I did wind up abusing tentacle pits, jumping into them to regain lust, and I feel like that should maybe be changed. Actually, traps in general seem like they'd be a lot better if they started out hidden and then would only be revealed either by stepping on them or with an EXP upgrade. There's a lot of potential for upgrades there, actually, upgrades to reveal them at a set chance when you step in a square adjacent to the one that triggers the trap effect, upgrades to auto-reveal low-level traps, and upgrades that add interactions to mark traps on the map, to disable a trap, and potentially even something to turn a trap to your own advantage.

Other than that, there are some presentation things that are currently lacking. As people have said, the UI is a bit cluttered. I see two possible solutions for that. One would be to create a more minimal UI which makes the HP and LP bars very small (like 10px tall at default resolution, maybe), hide their numbers and greatly shrink the heart images, remove the item displays (both equipped and inventory), turn the enemy detector into a little (15px) dot and take off the menu on the right. Not sure what to do with the minimap. Just making it smaller would require making new tiles for it, I think. If that's too much, at least it can be moved flush with the edge of the screen and perhaps a bit transparent. The player avatar can be moved like 10px left and 5px down too. So, that'd make a minimal UI version that could be toggled. The only other UI thing I'd do is add a little note about what floor you're on for the full UI view.

It would also be nice to have a bit of overarching story/presentation stuff. Put a splash image on the menu and an opening cutscene on new game. And put some NPCs or books/notes around the labyrinth.

Of course, these are kinda nitpicky things that aren't directly adjacent to the core gameplay. The only thing there that's a bit weird is that weapons are destroyed super easily while clothes can always be repaired. The system for weapons could be different/deeper. But overall, the game is tons of fun.