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The game is strangely appealing, i didn't expect to play it for so long and be interested in it. It was fun as long as there was progression, but when you get to 90 and pass every check except for epic fails, its a bit frustrating. You could have the best character in the world with 300 in every stat, but after 20 checks there would only be a 35% chance he was still alive.The 5% epic fail are too penalizing, i think it would be better if the check was (not passed and inside of 5 points of the worst roll that could be achieved). If i pass a roll but still fail epicly, it feels cheaty.

This is a valid point and the reason there are only 20 checks. If you think about it, is 1/3 such bad odds 😉? 

Frustration is part of the experience! Do not worry though, I won't include such an unfair mechanic in future games, at least not with those consequences