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> Assuming you have the right build for your system (x64 is if you are using 64bit windows),


> ran oalinst.exe (it is in the zip file alongside game.exe)


> and didn't accidentally delete/or move the files relative to game.exe it should be fine.


>  I haven't not tested it on a huge variety of systems though, so it is possible there is something I didn't consider.

Windows 10 Pro x64 on Ryzen5 2600X, 16GB RAM, Radeon GX580 graphics

> Are you executing it from a command prompt?

Yes. It opens a window that closes after a few second without message

Hmm. This appears to be something specific w/ the file on When I try the zip that I uploaded it runs fine, but when I download the zip from and try it gets that problem you describe. This is very unusual, but I'll see if I can sort it out for you. 

Have you tried running it from windows explorer?
Windows 10 will block unsigned executables that are downloaded from the internet. From command line it does nothing, but from windows explorer it will give you a prompt (which if you ask for more info will have a Run anyway).