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This game is good! i really did enjoy the quick gameplay! so well made! and the chicken! I cant forget the chicken! i saw that part 2 came out! xD i must play it! i wonder how many parts are coming out? also at the end idk if this is intentional, but if you wait for the chase music to stop the chicken also stop. .3.  my cringy as video if you want to watch xD  


Hahaha that's hilarious! Yeah, I ran into that problem when I was making episode 2, I accidentally added an infinite loop if you manage to get close to him and he doesn't catch you, that's my bad! I think by standing behind the boxes where the navmesh doesn't reach you also caused the infinite loop. I figured the chase was so short it wasn't worth going back and fixing in episode 1, that's impressive you managed to trigger it!

Thanks for the playthrough, man, I really appreciate it!


Thank you for the amazing game! cant wait to see the other episode!