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This game was amazing! each floor being different and adding to the atmosphere made it really creepy! good work! i cant wait to see what else you make!


This game was alright! seem like you are walking forever. I would like to see more story and more timed jump scares! overall good game! it didnt scare me! but most game dont :) here is my playthrough! 

Not going to lie this game was good! I can see you building off this! more jumpscares would be good! especoally since you can move your head when picking people up!! keep up the good work! and here is my walkthrough if anyone is interested :) 

This game was good! but it felt like it was jumping everywhere! This game has good potential. I cant wait to see what you make next! here is my walkthrough!

This game was really good I played the demo and Prologue! i freaking love Alien games! atmosphere is amazing! and there is such a good backstory!  i cant wait to see the whole game come out! keep up the good work! here is my walk through! both the demo and prologue are on my channel! 

not going to lie this game was a TRIP! good work! cant wait to see more! here is my walk through! :) 

this game was cool! you should make more levles! here is my playthrough!

I am not going to lie. this game was short but like a funny short. gets right to the point and it teaches you a really good lesson. dont talk to strangers! xD good job! here is my gameplay :)

video starts at 6:53

Hey this game was good! i wonder how did you come up with the idea? the killer was scary looking xD good job on the game. i cant wait to see more.  here is my gameplay

start time 0:00  to 6:00

this game was different xD over all it was playable! good work! here is my walkthrough if anyone is interested.

This game was good! it took me awhile to figure out what to do! not going to lie! xD  i love the games you make! and the youtube series you have on how to make a horror game!cant wait to play Bodhi n friends! good work dude! here is my walk through. 

this game starts at 2:12

Hey this game was really good! the gameplay was solid! I cant wait to see what else you create! here is my walkthrough.

this game had a deeper meaning! once you discover the truth! you will be SHOCKED! over all good game! the writing had me confused for a sec ;--; and the floating faces were creepy as hell! good work! here is my game play of it :).

This game was really good! I wanted it to be longer tho! ;---; over all the atmosphere  was amazing and even the big snake was really detailed! good work! here is my play through :).

hey I am not going to lie! this game was good!when the lights turned off and the cars started to move! and dont get me started with the BIG GUY! i just wished there was a way to escape :( over all good work man! here is my gameplay! second half of the video :) 

Hey this game is really good! cant wait for the full game to come out:) also the stalking was really good! really felt like someone was following me! when the dog barked again!i was dead! ;---; here is the game play it is the first half!:) 

Hey This was a good game! the only thing i would say is the jump scares are really loud >.< also the Easter egg was a fun little touch! I cant wait to see more! here is my walk-through of the game :)

Hey wait a min! this game was good! had a few jump scares! I wanted more! i love the whole idea of using a camera! reminds me of outlast! good work and I can't wait to see more! Here is my walk through if anyone is interested

This game was really good! it got me a few times! maybe if the killer was tracking you more it would be evening scarier! and don't get me started on the whole vents! I honestly believed this man was about to crawl into them with me! that would be a cool thing to add once you turn off the power! good game and can't wait to see what else you make! Here our my walk throughs. did two parts! other part is on my YT :) got to good and bad ending :) 

This game was Funny! and interesting xD Wish there was more of a scare factor but overall would love to see more of this! here is my walk-through :)

This was a good game! I cant wait to see more! one thing i would change is after you get a key item. make him faster. also put more hiding spots in the besment ;--; he got me so many times! over all a amazing game! I did a play through! Enjoy! 


This game was interesting! i really did like how you had to explore to open the doors! after each way you went! you were met with HER! could of been scary if there was jump scares. over all a really good short game! here is my game play! start 0:00 ends 3:24

This game Vibes were good! just the thought of being in the dark! gets a lot of people!i just wish you would of seen the monster more then just the ending! could of made it more scary! here is my game play! 3:29 to ending of video.

This game was Fantastic! kept me interested the whole game!I loved the photo-realistic look and the VHS style! this game is a must play! AND there is going to be more! this game was able to scare me ONE time! that is pretty good! keep up the good work! :) here is my play through! 

This game was Amazing! It has been awhile since i played something like this! The Music and the chase part was on point! I didn't think it was going to end like it did! i want more of the monster! I also want to learn more about this Ritual you speak of!  more of the SLIDE please :)!

here is my walk through :)

Game was fantastic! it had me on my toes when I had to go from the house to the Shed! also the plush bunny! Looks Good! design of the bunny is just creepy! Here is my play through if anyone wants to watch! :) 

start at 2:45

This game was really good! I feel like there could of been more of a spooky factor. rather then just the chase scene. the part that got me was the ending! ;--; I cant wait to see more! would love to play this! over all! Fantastic! dropping my play though!

 start 0:00 end in 2:45

The demo was amazing! I cant believe the ending! the walk in the park was very unsettling. I know this is just the beginning! but i can't wait to see what you have in store for us! it wasn't as scary as I thought it was! then again this is just the Demo! one thing I would say! for the ending you should add a timer to really get peoples blood bumping to figure out the code! just had time to walk around! over all! good game! 10/10! here is my game play :) 

Hello, first I wanted to say is this was a good game! some parts did seem out of place including the end, but of course I don't know the full story. I really enjoyed the puzzle part! I was hoping there was going to be a jump scare with the cut out, or at least be timed to feel more anxious! overall still good! and keep up the good work!

This game was really good! the atmosphere was amazing! I want to see more! plz make more! also freak the person who is in the Wrong Floor! 

This wasn't a bad game for being made in a few days! it did confuse the heck out of me! but it was still fun to play! i can definitely see this becoming more! as in scares it isn't bad but i don't get scared easy. in some moments i did feel uneasy but never scared. Good JOB! :) 

This game is really good! I can see so much happening. kinda like dark deception! the atmosphere is amazing too! i didnt find any bugs so that is good! i was able to juke him in the kitchen! i was suprised!  

here is my gameplay if anyone gots a second :)

i really did enjoy playing this game! the atmosphere was good! it kept me on my toes besides having jumpsaces everywhere! when i was reading the info! i saw it was your nightmares this game was about! and all i can say is Damn! that is scary! i remeber having the some nightmare as a child  >.< i hope you are ok! over all the game was great and keep up the great work! 

here is my cringy video if anyone is intrested 

Ep.2 for one way ticket over passed ep.1 both of them are good games but god damn you went over for Ep.2! the dialog, the new models and the story!  there is something much bigger here! and the twist! the twist had me messed up! i cant wait for EP.3! keep up the good work! and you almost got me with the "true ending"! had me thinking a lot xD

here is my cringy playthrough if anyone wants to see

Thank you for the amazing game! cant wait to see the other episode! 

This game is good! i really did enjoy the quick gameplay! so well made! and the chicken! I cant forget the chicken! i saw that part 2 came out! xD i must play it! i wonder how many parts are coming out? also at the end idk if this is intentional, but if you wait for the chase music to stop the chicken also stop. .3.  my cringy as video if you want to watch xD  

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This game was good! I can totaly see the vibe you were going for! the  atmoshpere was amazing! and i cant forget the little jump scares! didnt -get me but still enjoyed it! 

as for problems the only thing i had trouble with with was the stairs. i seemed to get stuck on them. also i dont know if this is a glitch or i just didnt do it right xD but the wire from the fuse box. it didnt let me get it the first try! ;--;  

if you want to watch my cringy walkthrough here you go xD