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Yes, that was it, thank you, I appreciate it!

It's weird, I wouldn't expect this to be caused by a change in OS, but no matter which browser I use, Firefox or Chromium, I can't seem to get the theme editor to come up ever since I switched from Windows to Linux Mint. Upon clicking the button, a dashed rectangle appears around it and nothing seems to happen rather than the editor showing up at the left as usual. I've installed the Itch app with the same results, which isn't much of a surprise as I'm sure it runs on a variation of Chromium just like I'm already using.

Any ideas why this would be?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you, we really appreciate it! Yes, the armory engine is only on version 0.6, so it might not have been the best choice for us, at least for the load times and the audio stuttering. The AI running into the door was definitely our bad, we thought we fixed that!

We appreciate the review and the let's play!


Thank you for the response, we really appreciate it, and fantastic work on the video too! We'll keep 'em coming and we hope you do too!

Thank you we appreciate it! Thanks for making a let's play, we loved it!

Thanks, TriVoxel, I appreciate you checking it out! I look forward to seeing more work from you!

I love how you actually had your inspiration from a real story and you just ran with it! Very interesting stuff, the characters were very fleshed out and unique!

Nice job!

I love the graphics in this one, and it fits the theme very well! It seems very polished for what it is, and having to mash the arrow keys instead of just holding them down makes it seem much more intense!

Nice work!

I agree, it was a fantastic and very original experience! Bob was a little frustrating, but I got through it eventually. Fantastic work!

I agree, this story is fire, man! Fantastic work, I loved it!

Loved it! First play through though directions unclear, walked off the edge of the map. Some minor complaints are if I hadn't gone to the kitchen first I wouldn't know the fanta was there because of the lack of lighting after the "monster" arrived, and also the gas station should have been a bit brighter to mark the goal. Fantastic game though, even with the unpolished stuff floating around here and there! The monster's programming and animations were very solid!

Thank you for the input! A downloadable version will also be available that will help performance and loading time if you'd like to give that a try when it's released!

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Hey, everyone, if you've got a minute, please try out this small in-browser scene and let me know how your PC handles it!

At the moment mouse lock only works by clicking the game on Chrome in full screen but I will get this fixed for Firefox and windowed mode.

Thank you, I appreciate it! I'll be posting some massive progress soon, will keep you updated!

Thank you, I appreciate it! Yeah, 3d is much more accessible these days, now is definitely the time to get into it!

And yes exactly, although I'm thinking of going in a typical "monster stalker" direction with it on this particular train, but I suppose we'll see!

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Hey, everyone!

Just making a place to throw my WIP stuff. My entry is going to be built with the Armory Engine and it will take place on a train during Christmas. I look forward to seeing everyone's entries, and feel free to comment on mine as I work at it!

My first day at it it's still pretty basic. I've gotten started on a couple of presents and defined the train scenery a bit. Everything is being modeled in Blender by myself and all of my textures are painted in Krita!

More to come soon!

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Yeah, I'm very impressed with how many features it has for being on version 0.5b! Networking, Navmeshes/AI, PBR, all sorts of fantastic features! I'm sure this'll be the first of many soon! Thanks for the comment!