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Thanks, man, I appreciate it! Yeah, I loved the Creepshow  movies and the reboot!

Thank you, I really appreciate that and your playthrough! Yeah, the fast walking was actually lifted directly from Afraid of Monsters + Cry of Fear hahaha

It was one of my favorite "freak out" tactics from those games, and they did a similar thing where the zombies would approach fast and attack slow so they weren't unfairly threatening. I agree that item switch is kind of pointless without having more items, and yeah, those curbs were actually the last thing I added to the game before I had to turn it in, so I didn't get a chance to add some "invisible collision ramps" to fix it up a bit! Thank you for the feedback and for posting your playthrough!

Thank you for the in-depth review, I really appreciate it! Yeah, I do think I could have done more with the easter eggs for sure, but unfortunately I barely had time to finish the endings as my 10 days in the game jam was up! Sorry about that! 

I see you mentioned that, in your review actually, so I'll definitely try to fit more of that kind of thing into it, as I think you're right that that kind of polish is what really impresses people. I agree with you also that the actions of the conspirators should've been a little more obvious since some people were confused by how friendly they were and didn't get the proper feeling that they were fake and up to no good!

The combat with the hikers is a little tacked on, and it's actually a direct copy of one of my favorite games Afraid of Monsters, and he actually made a newer game called Cry of Fear if you've heard of it where he improved all of the mechanics, so I definitely can already see how those can be improved, in addition to more random placement like you said since the surprise is gone and all that! 

Ah yes, and about the fullscreen thing, I actually made it so it doesn't go actual fullscreen unless you wanted it to, but I suppose that made it confusing for some people! I'll have to add it into the options instead. You can actually trigger "Immersive fullscreen mode" by hitting ALT + Enter, and it would look the same as the first one!

I really appreciate all the positive feedback as well as the ideas on how to push the game further for the next one!

And as for that last bit, not at all, I appreciate the comment about taking a break, it really does feel good to hear a reviewer say that! It's pretty easy to forget! Hahaha

Thank you for your time and your opinions, I really do appreciate it! It was very interesting to read your breakdown and I couldn't be happier that you took the time to do so! I hope to see your review of the next episode as well!

Hahaha I loved your Twilight Zone aesthetic in your play-through! Excellent work on this one, this was hilarious! This is exactly what I had in mind!

Thanks for posting, and I hope to see more from you!

The description says the episodes aren't connected, it's episodic like the Twilight Zone, not episodic like The Walking Dead. I'm kinda confused that people think that expanding on the chicken would be a good idea, as it seems like a dead end if you ask me. The story was meant to be a one off like all episodes of this series. As for the zombies, they are actually made so you can run past them, that's actually how you achieve the good ending. It's intentional that you don't have enough bullets to even get through half of them. I'll take the difficulty into consideration in the next one in any case.

Sorry this one didn't live up to your expectations, but I stand by the choices I made for this episode and I very much consider it a step forward. I hope to see your review of the next one.

Yes, there are 2 actually! I would've kept it like the last one, but unfortunately I ran out of time for the game jam, so I used some kinda cheap scares hahaha

Thanks, man, I'd really appreciate that! I'm glad you liked the game!

Thanks, man I really appreciate that! That's great to hear! I'll be making episode 3 soon, so I hope to see you there next!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate it! That's fantastic to hear!

Thank you for the play-through and the positive feedback, I'll definitely let you know when I finish episode 3! I'm thinking of releasing something small and unrelated before-hand, but I guess we'll see!

Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate that! It's great to hear!

Hahaha yeah, I knew everyone would wanna see him again, so I had to put him in somewhere! Thanks for playing, man!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate it!

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Hey, man, I got around to watching your play-through, and it was fantastic! I can definitely see why your subscriber count is going up so fast, you've got some jokes! Also it's nice to see you play both episodes at once, I'm a pretty big fan of the double-feature playthroughs!

Thanks for posting, and I'm definitely looking forward to your next one when episode 3 comes out! I appreciate all the postive feedback you gave at the end!

Hey, got around to watching your play-through, and I really appreciated all your opinions at the end! It was good to hear all the positive feedback, and it was a very entertaining watch!

Thanks for posting, and I hope to see your next one for episode 3! I'll be subscribed!

Thank you so much for the playthrough, I really enjoyed this one! I'm really glad you figured out the combat mechanics, it made it a lot more interesting to watch, plus you found the new game plus! I should have changed the button text for it, I think a lot of people thought you had to start over hahaha

Thanks for posting, and I really hope to see your next one for episode 3!

Thanks, man, I appreciate the play-through! I apologize about those things you complained about, such as the transitions being kind of jarring, getting the gun and flashlight from the office without explanation, the dialogue that drags on etc. That's kinda how these game jam games go hahaha

Thanks for posting!

Thank you so much, man, I really appreciate that! That's exactly what I like to hear! 

Really enjoyed the playthrough, and I'm glad you were able to put everything together even despite the illegible newspaper on the true ending! Plus you caught all of the small things I was trying to put in to hint at the bigger picture behind the whole thing, I was really impressed by that, I felt like I fell short on making a lot of those things more apparent, but you saw them all no problem! Great video, man!

I hope to see your next one for episode 3 too, your breakdowns are very entertaining!

Thanks, man I really appreciate that! I was wondering when your next playthrough would turn up! I loved the commentary on your Kate fight, that was hilarious, and I'm glad you were able to put the whole story together from both endings! Thanks for posting, and I'm definitely looking forward to more from you!

Haha well there were only 2 if I remember right, but yeah, the first one did have more of a setup to the scares I think, I was kinda rushed on a couple things since I spent a little too much time on the environment, I made it a little too big,

I appreciate the criticism and the playthrough!

Ahhh there are so many things I loved about this playthrough! Thank you for posting, man, this is really entertaining stuff, I really enjoyed it! You had me laughing out loud for so many segments!

I'll definitely be looking out for more from you!

Hahaha great watch, thank you for posting! I'm glad you were able to get both endings! Sorry about the hard to read newspaper, that's a pretty common complaint! Couldn't find a way to up-res just the newspaper alone unfortunately hahaha

Thank you for the compliments, and I appreciate the play-through! I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate that and the playthrough! Loved your zombie impression, it was spot on hahaha

I'm looking forward to seeing more from you, thank you for posting!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time to play through it, I really enjoyed it! You've got nerves of steel I swear! Hahaha

Hope to see you again for the next one too!

Thanks, man, that's fantastic to hear! And yeah, I saw that hahaha

It's kind of a cheap scare I'll admit, but it still feels right to me. I feel like it's fair game since the house is at least dark before-hand! Thanks for playing and posting again, as well as for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate it!

Hahaha the anthem playing while Simon was talking was amazing, thanks for posting, man! Loved your jokes!

I'm not surprised you've got the amount of subscribers you do, you keep at it, and I'm looking forward to seeing your video of episode 3!

Thanks, man I really appreciate it! I'm glad you decided to post it anyway, and all the exploring you did too, I spent way too much time on that environment hahaha

And you're totally right, I was thinking I'd be down to drink a sCream Soda design just like that, it'd be a refreshing take tbh

Also to answer your question where that security guard model came from, I actually make every single model from scratch in Blender, I don't use pre-made models period! I'm glad you liked them, and also that you could put together the security guard was already looking pretty zombie-ish!

Thanks for posting!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate it! That's exactly what I was hoping to hear! I'm gonna have to agree with you on the cream soda and rum too, I'm a pretty big fan of the pirate juice!

You put the story together fast too, and I'm really glad you decided to do the combat, this was a fantastic watch!

It was good to see the folllow up to your first one! Thanks for posting!

Thanks Slawek, love your videos to death, they're hilarious!

I hope you'll play the next one too, I really enjoyed your double feature for this one! Your commentary is fantastic!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate it! I love your thumbnail by the way, that turned out amazing!

Thanks for playing, and I hope to see your video on the next one too!

Thanks, man, I really appreciate that and the playthrough! Thanks for posting, and sorry the HTML5 version is kinda inconsistent! That's Emscripten for you hahaha

Thanks, man, I appreciate that and the let's play! And that is a pretty good episode title, ngl! Hahaha

Hahaha that's hilarious! Yeah, I ran into that problem when I was making episode 2, I accidentally added an infinite loop if you manage to get close to him and he doesn't catch you, that's my bad! I think by standing behind the boxes where the navmesh doesn't reach you also caused the infinite loop. I figured the chase was so short it wasn't worth going back and fixing in episode 1, that's impressive you managed to trigger it!

Thanks for the playthrough, man, I really appreciate it!

Oh that's good to hear! That's about how long it takes for me to load Episode 2 on Chrome and Edge, but for episode 1 it's about 10 seconds since it's much less intensive. Let me know how the second one loads for you on Firefox too!

Also what operating system are you on?

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Thanks, man! Be sure to post your video in the comments when you do! Gotta pass out right now personally hahaha

Have a good one, and thanks for posting your play-through! I'll check it out tomorrow!

Awesome! Be sure to post your play-through in the comments of episode 2 when you get to it, I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks again, man!

Hey, thanks for the playthrough, man! Episode 2 is actually out and in the description if you wanna check it out! I appreciate you posting your let's play!

Hahaha awesome playthrough, man! Really enjoyed this one! I love how you kept beating Kate with the umbrella after she was already down while apologizing to her, that was hilarious! Thanks for playing and sharing both episodes, I appreciate it!

You bet, man!

Thanks, man, that's exactly what I wanted to hear! I really appreciate it! I'll be making the third one soon!