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I got this game in the BLM bundle but the download link seems to be for an old version or a 2 GB demo: the computer in the first room never works (the door is unlocked by default) and there was no suit anywhere on the first level. The elevator also didn't work, and typing on the computer didn't work at all (only Q managed to exit the user/pass prompt screen).

Please update the build if you have a newer one around, I would really like to play through the game.


Same, any reply?


Devs had to drop support and close the company. What a shame.

Thanks for the answer Abunchoftinydeer!

Likewise. So disappointing! I was STOKED to play this game.


I also got the game in the BLM bundle but have not ecountered any problems.

If by "suit" you mean the clothing puzzle, you just need to explore all the way around the ring corridor and try every cabin you come across, ignoring the Hub and Cryo doors. Once you find your clothes (you get a message along the lines of "that's not my name, but this looks familiar" or something like that when you reach the right locker) the elevator should work.

haha yeah somehow I kept missing that one room.