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Nope. All my scripts and tiles are designed to work with VX Ace, not MV, so it'd be a huge undertaking to rework or replace everything. Also, MV doesn't scale properly to my computer screen, so I can barely read any of the text in it, and the maps look just tiny. I've tried solutions for this but none seem to work. I think the game still turned out nicely in VX Ace (though it's a shame I can't publish for Mac) and will be keeping it that way for the foreseeable future.

Well I could help with porting it over to MV if you'd like to do that?

I'll think about it! Thanks for the offer.

You're welcome. I already have MV and as well as a scaler that will scale the images to MV standards.

So do you think it's possible? Or do you need to think on it more?

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It's admittedly not a priority right now - I have other things I need to work on for the time being. If I ever decide to do it, I'll contact you! :)

Sounds good, I'll be ready to do so ^^